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Email marketing is the most powerful tool for small companies and businesses. It helps in driving engagement and building relationships with potential customers. Potentially, it is the most cost-effective techniques companies adopt that will eventually connect to the sales channel and leads. Emails with attractive templates and catchy subject lines serve a good purpose for advertising and targeting prospective clients. You can easily find out your future customers and collaborate with them for further engagement with your business or company.

The return on investment (ROI) obtained by leveraging email marketing services has been found to be significant. These services are helping to establish direct contact with the customers. You gain full control of how to customize them and utilize them for promotions.

There are several email marketing services and solutions available online. You need to select them based on your preferences and business needs. Besides, it is important to settle your budget for purchasing and using email marketing services. You must also look for the level of automation and the analytics feature offered by such solutions.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best email marketing services for small businesses which are prevalent and prominent in 2022.

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Constant Contact

Image of constant contact
constant contact

Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing services available for the best uses by small businesses and companies. The reason is it is easy to use and is user-friendly too. You need to create email accounts within the application which will give you access to unlimited emails.

The other key features of the tool include social media sharing tools, easy analytics, and reporting, free images, integration with Facebook and e-Commerce. You can easily manage contacts, email lists, and templates, calendars, and many others.

Along with the email accounts, you will receive certain advanced features such as email automation, facilities for online donations, conducting polls and surveys, drip campaigns, and coupons. Their customer service is excellent offering guidance and support on emails, phone calls, and live chats. You can access its vast library of resources too for further help.

Pricing: Has a 60 day free trial policy, after which you will be charged USD 20 per month


image of senditblue

SendinBlue offers end-to-end email marketing services for small businesses. Its popularity has been significantly growing at a very fast pace. The features offered by the tool aids in creating interesting, engaging, and beautiful emails. The drag and drop editor helps beginners to easily use the tool for their email marketing services.

The salient features of the tool include automation, sending emails, and the creation of workflows for following up on emails. The tool utilizes Artificial Intelligence algorithms to send out bulk emails and ensure the proper delivery of emails. Additionally, the tools offer SMTP bulk email marketing services. This helps to use transactional emails or power automated emails from WordPress. Though it is not mandatory for email marketing campaigns, but a nice functionality if you have a large website and need real-time automated content-based emails.

Pricing: Offers a free plan for sending 300 emails in a day, the brand name will be tagged in those emails. Paid plans start from USD 25 per month, varying on the number of emails being sent from an account including the SMS. The premium plans provide advanced features like integration of Facebook ads and sales CRM, live chat, and landing page builder.


image of drip

Drip is also one of the most powerful email marketing services, best used for small businesses involving website bloggers, digital marketing consultants, and eCommerce business owners. Its features also vary starting from automation, creating sales funnels, and ease of personalization.

Its key features include integration with WordPress and WooCommerce, which are popular website builders. The tool has a Campaign Monitor which provides intelligence, analytical data, and reports related to the marketing outcome. It’s an automated tool that captures and data and shows the results. Additionally, it has a virtual automation workflow builder, split testing features, a listing of groups, smarter email segmenting, and ease of adding pop-ups and sign-up forms. The forms and popups help in capturing information for generating leads and sales information. You can target more customers through the email lists and hence drive more sales.

The customer support services are also great like live chat support, free resources, documents and guides, webinars, and training on automation. The bulk mail delivery feature of the tool allows to individually connect with potential customers and gain traction on sales as well as revenue. The revenue attribution feature of the tool aids in understanding and analyzing the revenue earned from the marketing campaigns.

The advanced features of the tool have been now quite popular among small business owners and eCommerce website owners. They are now leveraging the features to increase their potential into marketing campaigns.

Pricing: There is a free trial version for it and the paid plans start from USD 49 per month. All the advanced features are available on the paid plans. Especially the SMS notification feature which helps to connect with customers through email as well as SMS.


Hubspot is one of the most popular email marketing services and is much well-known in the CRM space also. Powered by a lot of advanced automation features, the tool is good for business growth, promotions, and marketing campaigns.

The key features of the tools include innumerable templates for emails as well as for newsletters. There is a drag and drop facility for building up emails to personalize as per your brand importance and colors. Also, the emails can be personalized depending on the country, type of devices the emails will be written or checked, membership, or any other information related to the customer.

The other powerful features of the tool include drip campaigns, performance analytics, and reporting, time optimization for sending emails, marketing automation, and many more. Ao all in one a good marketing platform; a one stop show for email marketing services, website builder, CRM, and automation workflows.

Pricing: There is a free plan for using the tool offering free sales, marketing, service, and operations services. You can send 2000 emails in the free plan and store unlimited subscribers. The free plan allows tracking of online ads, creation of custom pop up and sign up forms, managing and building landup pages. The pain plans for more advanced features start from USD 45 per month.


image of convertkit

CovertKit is a very powerful tool for email marketing services and is widely used by small business owners. The tool is easy to use. The email sign up forms provided by the tool can be used for offering your customers various kinds of incentives and content upgrades.

Its key features include sending drip emails through the auto-responders facility. The tool helps to segregate between customers who are interested in the products and services and the customers who have been already converted to confirmed real consumers. The conversions are increased faster through automated emails. Normally small businesses aim for this strategy, known as target marketing. Its other key features include email templates, smart workflows, landing page builder, and many more.

The paid newsletters provided by the tool are extensively used by small business owners and professional bloggers or content creators. The customer service of ConvertKit is also great offering support through emails and providing resources for learning and knowledge. Besides you can sell digital products and subscriptions from the tool.

Pricing: The tool offers a 14 day free trial and paid plans start from USD 29 per month. The higher plans provide advanced facilities such as reporting, scoring of customers, newsletter referrals, and customizing the Facebook audiences.


It is one of the most popular service providers for email marketing. Small business owners prefer using the tools provided by AWeber for extensive usage in their marketing campaigns. It is easy to use and can be integrated into the majority of website builder platforms.

Its key features include tracking emails with detailed insights, a number of HTML email templates, autoresponders, managing lists, and A/B testing. The customer service is also good, offering support via emails, live chats, phones. They even keep the recording of live webinars and even libraries and resources for tutorials. Besides it offers features like automatic RSS for sending emails, AMP emails, and subscriber segmentation.

Pricing: There is a free plan which can accommodate up to 500 subscribers. The paid plans start from USD 19 per month. For greater savings, you can opt for their annual or quarter plans.


MailerLite is also one of the prominent email marketing services platforms. The tool is preferably used by small business owners and has been reported to be very effective in marketing campaigns.

The key features of the platform include provision for automation tools, creating forms for pop-ups and surveys, and landing pages. The features are easy to use and the UI provided is pretty straightforward. The editor has a drag and drop features and so it is comparatively easy to create an email message. There are facilities for the categorization of subscribers which aids in the optimization of campaigns and A/B testing features.

Pricing: There is a free plan allowing up to 1000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. The paid plans start from USD 10 per month which even rises up to USD 140 per month, depending on the number of subscribers.


Mailchimp is a widely used platform for email marketing services. Small business owners prefer using MailChimp because of the simplicity of the tool usage and also its plans are affordable too.

The key features of Mailchimp include tracking of analytics, generating reports, autoresponders, segmentation of customer groups for sending out emails. The drag and drop feature offered by the tool for email building is excellent. The email delivery time can be fixed based on the time zones and the geolocation of the customers. Further, the platform offers integration with Shopify, WordPress, Magento, and many others. The customer services are good offering support through live chats and emails. It has a huge repository for reference and tutorials for guidance.

Pricing: The best advantage of using Mailchimp is its free plan. The plan is unlimited allowing you to send 12000 emails and a maximum of 2000 subscribers. The paid plans start from USD 10 per month that can accommodate up to 500 subscribers. With the increase in the number of subscribers, the rates for the paid plans also increases. For comparative reporting, unlimited audiences, multivariate testing, and advanced audience segmentation, the plan best used is charged at ISD 299 per month.


image of omnisend

Omnisend is one of the easiest platforms for email marketing services. It can be used by small business owners without any hesitation. The features of the platform include sending emails and messages using automation tools. These tools are significant in converting sales leads into potential customers.

The key facilities provided by the platform include email marketing, combining text messages or SMS, push notifications from the web browser, Facebook ads, and Google customer match. These allow small business owners to communicate and connect with customers faster.

Through the segmented campaigns feature, you can target the customers that you need to for selling your company’s products or services. You can design appropriate welcome messages or emails and automate them to send to customers as per segmentation and frequency. There are several gorgeous and easy-to-use templates for emails. The templates have a drag and drop feature, thus helping to easily create emails.

Pricing: The free plan allows sending 15,000 emails per month. Paid plans start at USD 16 per month with advanced features.


image of getresponse

GetResponse has a powerful automation feature that ranks it much higher in email marketing services. The key features of the tool include advanced reporting and analytics, autoresponders, segmentation of audience, landing page builders and even software for conducting webinars.

Autofunnel is a differentiating tool used in the platform. It is mainly used for creating sales funnels or leads. The tool is easy to use and fully automated. The features included in the funnel are integration with eCommerce, Facebook ads, sending emails, creating popups, and generating landing pages.

Besides the platform provides 20 email templates, 180 landing page templates, 700 form templates, 40 auto funnel templates, 150 integrations, and 24/7 customer services with live chat support.

Pricing: The basic plan is USD 15 per month, Plus is USD 49 per month, Professional is USD 99 per month and the rest are custom pricing.

On the Final Thoughts….

Email marketing services have significantly contributed to boosting up the revenue of several small business firms. The services eventually guide in creating attractive marketing campaigns and thus generating sales leads of which potentially there are immense chances of converting them into customers.


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