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Instagram is also called IG or Gram, is a photo and video-sharing social network. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded the app in 2020.Facebook acquired IG in 2012. Users can upload and edit media with filters. They can organize their photographs and videos with #hashtags and geographical tags. Users can upload media that they can share publicly or privately.

10 Tips to Get 10000 Instagram Followers for beginners

Presently, Instagram has 1.36 billion users in the world. It has the highest level of engagement for brands. 90% of Instagram users follow a business account. Stories and Instagram live are great ways to make your brand visibility and make it more approachable. You can use it to showcase your company brand, the company culture, and generate new business. Companies are using gram for recruitment. 10,000 follows on Instagram is a milestone. After you cross the milestone, you will be able to establish yourself as an influencer.

Here are the 10 Tips to Get 10000 Instagram Followers for beginners –

1. Experiment till you find your voice

Experiment till you find your voice


If you have been on Instagram and do not have too many followers you may need to switch things up. Start by looking at your page. Make sure your page includes your brand name, high-quality profile picture, bio link, and link to your website. Your Username should be recognizable. People should be able to associate it with your brand. Ensure you have a public profile.

When you start your Instagram account, it is best to designate one or two people to manage your page. Try to choose someone with experience on working on Instagram.

If, you choose to post yourself, experiment with your content till you find your voice. Change the content and the captions for the photos. Try using engaging and witty captions. Remember to use relevant emojis and hashtags and include a call to action. Visit other business pages on Instagram will give you some ideas.

We suggest you use Instagram for Business for the advantages it offers. Business profiles allow you to track your insights. You can analyze the content that is popular and know the best time to post. You need to be persistent to get 10000 Instagram followers.

2. Ask Customers to share their photos to build Instagram followers

If you have just begun posting on Instagram, encourage your customers to post photos on your feed. This will help increase social proof. Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon, where people will conform to be liked or be accepted by society.

If you have introduced your product to the market, try contacting an influencer in your niche. You can look for an influencer with under 5000 followers. Influencers with fewer followers will be willing to show your product on their page at lower costs. You can offer them an affiliate deal wherein they get a commission for every sale that occurs through their customer’s referral link.

Once you have a few customers. Encourage your customers to take quality pictures of the product they have purchased. Gradually, more customers will start tagging you when they buy your product.

To summarize comment on your customer’s posts, repost their content, and follow them. You will likely get them to follow you back.

3. Be Active

Be Active


You need to be active on Instagram. Like other people’s photos, comment on them, and engage with their content. Engage with your followers, you can ask open-ended questions in your post. Another way to engage with your audiences is by posting polls in your stories.

You can connect with your ideal client’s profile first, comment on their feed. You can send them a DM introducing yourself. Follow people who like competing pages.

You need to be sure you engage without exceeding Instagram’s limits.

  • 300-350 likes/hour
  • 8-14 comments/hour
  • 20-40 follows/hour

You can use Iconosquare, for analytics and management

4. Be Authentic

Be Authentic


Things on social media can begin to look fake and artificial. No one life is perfect. Be authentic, do not shy away from creating relatable content. Highlight the quirky side of your business. You can post third-party content or post employee quotes to showcase your brand’s priorities and values. Instagram stories tool is a perfect tool to showcase your company’s personality and culture.

5. Cross-promote your content on other Instagram channels.

Cross-promote your content on other Instagram channels


Use your social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and your website to get to 10000 Instagram followers faster. You can embed your Instagram feeds on your website, blogs, or social media sites. Cross-promotion will help you promote your Instagram channel and improve your visibility. Some ways to cross-promote are-

  • Embedded images from Instagram pages on your newsletter or blogs.
  • Add a link to your Instagram page on your email signature
  • Add your Instagram bio to your social media websites
  • Link your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can post on all three sites.

6. Publish timely content

Publish timely content

Instagram has changed its algorithm, people will be unable to see your page if you do not post regularly. Maintain a schedule for posting on Instagram. You need to stay updated with current events, industry news, and pop culture to improve account interaction. You can adopt the latest viral meme for your brand? Using current affairs and internet trends can give your account visibility.

Post content with hashtags can give your account a boost. Instagram permits users to use 30 hashtags use them as many as possible. The hashtags act like keywords, you need to find the right one for your brand. Try using niche-specific hashtags to gain more visibility.

You can use these tools for scheduling your posts.

7. Join Engagement Groups or Pods

Pods are engagement support groups made of 15 accounts. The groups committed to engaging with your post. Pods try to defeat the algorithm by immediately engaging with your posts. It bounces your post to the top of everyone’s Instagram feeds. Some of the top Engagement Pods are:-

  • Instagram Growth – Engagement Pods
  • Instagram Engagement Groups
  • Instagram Engagement Pods

Engagement pods can increase the number of followers quickly. You will get better-targeted followers by looking at pods in your niche. There are niche engagement pods in genres like travel, fashion, and more. You are more likely to get noticed by people with shared interests. Using engagement pods is a short-term strategy when you are first starting.

Best hashtag finding tool

8. Use Location Tags to get followers in the vicinity

Tagging your location helps to make Instagram stories and post discoverable. The location tag can reveal the city or venue where the video or image was taken. Another benefit you can categorize your content tagged for specific locations or areas.

If you are a local business, geotags will help people find you and follow your account. Locations have their specific feeds. Use your location tags in your stories along with hashtags.

9. Host giveaways to build your Instagram followers

Hosting giveaways is an effective technique to get more followers on Instagram. When you host giveaways on your website or social media website encourage your visitors to follow you on Instagram to improve your reach.

If you have a small audience you can use Facebook groups to post giveaways. Get featured on giveaway blogs to promote your campaign.

10. Use partnerships

If you are starting on Instagram you can partner with another brand. It is a great technique to increase your follower base organically.

Instead of reposting other people’s content, other brands can repost your photos giving you credit.

There is a sense of accomplishment when you reach your target. These tips will help you get to 10000 Instagram followers. Once you have crossed 10,000 followers you need to continue to strategies to maintain your numbers. You should try to aim higher to 100k or million subscribers. You need to update your bio regularly with the new CTA.

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