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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a strong weapon for a freelance content writer, a website owner, and an online business entrepreneur. It’s the best way to rank your website higher in the search engine console. And without a good rank, you won’t succeed in earning the views and revenue required for gaining traction on your website.

There are free SEO tools available in the market with the best-in-class features and functions for a smooth and seamless user experience. Here are 100 such free SEO tools which can be referred to and used as per your requirements.

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1. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is one of the best free SEO tools available in the market. It provides several key information of your websites like the source of web traffic, the location of the visitors, the number of site visits, and the demographics. Based on the analytics, a content writer, a website owner, or a digital marketer can devise strategies in altering the content for better visibility and traffic.

2. MozCast


Mozcast is gaining prominence in the world of freelancing and the digital world as one of the best and most user-friendly free SEO tools. Its features include Link explorer, keyword explorer, competitive research, domain analysis, and many more. The tool helps to track “weather patterns” of the Google algorithm on a regular basis.

3. Google Data Studio


Google Data Studio is part of the product suite of Google Analytics. It collects data from various sources and transforms them into informative reports and analytics. The visual dashboards help in gaining real-time insights and perform interpretations that can be customized and shared across various stakeholders.

4. Bing Webmaster Tools


Bing Webmaster Tools are one of the preferable free SEO tools. They help to direct the focus on increasing the traffic to the website by providing best in class features. The unique SEO tools aid in analyzing the backlinks by looking into the referring pages, anchor texts and domains. Its powerful keyword research function helps to check the commonly searched phrases and keywords along with their search volumes. Bing Webmaster also has Site scan audit feature for identifying SEO issues.

5. Keyword Hero


Keyword Hero utilizes machine learning and advanced math functions to track missing keyword data. The tool helps in keyword and traffic analysis, site structure and content optimization, and boosts your organic ROI. Besides it provides valuable insights into the distinction between brand and non-brand search traffic. Even helps in recognizing the types of search query – transactional or informational.

6. Google Search Console


One of the most powerful and useful free SEO tools by Google. Accessing data using the Google search console is a reliable way to retrieve the information desired. From the console, you can easily gain insights into how Google crawls and ranks your website. For enabling download up to 25,000 rows at one go, ensure to bookmark the Search Console Data Exporter which is free too.

7. Google Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner assists in searching and planning for the usage of SEO keywords in your website content. It is one of the commonly used free SEO tools by Google. You can search for keywords to understand the competition and the estimated bids. There are several filters in its search criteria like, country for easy analysis.

8. Link Explorer


Link Explorer is one of the largest and most accurate free SEO tools in the world of digital creation. It helps to check your website DA, and backlinks. You can look for spam links and work for the removal from your website. Through the tool, you can research the top-performing contents of your website and even of your competitors. Besides you can find out how other websites are linking to your website through the anchor texts.

9. Backlink Checker


Backlink checker is one of the powerful free SEO tools. It has a limit to about 100 links which can be used for free. You just need to enter your website domain in its search bar and check for the backlinks. The tools provide actionable insights and SEO metrics for a particular website, URL, or subsections.

10. SEMrush


SEMrush is a tool that helps to achieve SEO, online marketing, social media marketing, PPC, and competitive research in one platform. The tool helps to find out millions of local and national keywords. You can analyze your website domain’s backlink profile, run SEO audits, and track the SERP positions on a daily basis.

11. SEM Minion

If you want all your SEO tasks to be covered at once, then SEM Minion is the tool for you. It helps to analyze On-page SEO, and check Redirects and broken links. It has a SERP preview to improve CTR of your website. Besides it has a Hreflang checker to check all the Hreflang tags on the website page and the pages that are linked via the tags.

12. SEOquake


One of the most powerful free SEO tools available in the market. The tool has a plethora of options starting from conducting SEO audits, examining external and internal links, data export facilities into a file, and real-time comparison of domains and URLs. The tools help to perform a thorough SEO analysis of your website.

13. Small SEO Tools



Small SEO tools are favorite among many who love the traditional method for availing SEO functions.

The key tools combined within it are:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Article Rewriter
  • Grammar check
  • Word Counter
  • Spell checker
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • And many more

14. Varvy

Varvy has free SEO and website audit tools, created by Internet marketing ninjas. The tools perform various checks related to website crawling and on-page audit best practices. Further, there are stand-alone tools to monitor the page speed and even mobile SEO. SEO Audit tools are also available along with the basic checklist for SEO tasks.

15. Sheets for Marketers


Provides resources for automating marketing tasks. It has a collection of APIs – SEO APIs, SERP APIs, and rank tracking APIs. The SEO APIs include those of SEMrush, SheerSEO, Supermetrics, Searchmetrics, BrightLocal, AhRefs, SEOMonitor and many more.



BrowSEO helps to mimic how your website looks like to a search engine. You can understand if the bots from Google are finding any difficulty to access the content of your website. It also has a SERP preview tool which helps in understanding how the website appears in the search results.

17. AnswerthePublic


Another one of the powerful free keyword and SEO tools. You need to enter the keyword and the tool will generate a graphical view. The view will contain the phrases and questions that people use while searching for the keyword that you mention. This is a mechanism that helps to create content that can attract high traffic.

18. Keywords Everywhere


A powerful keyword search tool used for SEO and best suggested for your website or online content. Its is free and provides seach volume, competition data and CPC for several other SEO tools like Keyword planner, Google Search, Bing, UberSuggest and many more.

19. CanlRank


CanlRank is a tool that helps to ascertain where the searched keyword will rank high. The tool uses Artificial Intelligence to provide suggestions on targeting the keywords. It provides a deep dive analysis with the data and steps that will help to rank the website higher and hence better SEO.

20. Seed Keywords


Seed Keywords is one of the user-friendly free SEO tools which performs analysis by creating scenarios. You can create a search scenario, provide URLs as provided by your contacts, and then you can observe the seed list enhance and grow.

21. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool. When you provide or search a keyword in the tool, it scrapes the data from the Google keyword planner to look for keyword ideas. The tool has a filtering capability also while searching keywords. It returns useful information and data from the keywords like search volume, competition, and CPC.

22. Backlink Checker

backlink-checker-logo (2)

Backlink Checker helps to check and find out all the backlinks for a particular website. For purposes of SEO, you can check the number of referring domains, backlinks, the rating of the URL, and position among the list of other competitive and powerful websites.

23. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO has both a free and paid version. The free version has quite a lot of facilities that can be utilized for enabling SEO on your website. It has the option to provide a primary keyword, and has a check for readability by providing suggestions for improvement. The tool has options of suggesting headers that can easily come out high in the search engine.

24. Rank Math


A plugin for WordPress, its truly one of the best free SEO tools when it comes to optimizing content and being widely accepted to high rank in the search engine. With the tool, you can customize the SEO settings, control which pages can be made indexable, and how you want your website to come in the search engine.

25. Google Page Speed insights


You need to enter the name of the URL in the search bar and then press Analyze button. The results displayed helps in understanding the core web vitals assessment. The tool also helps to diagnose performance issues on different metrics and parameters.

26. Lighthouse


Lighthouse is an open-source utility for checking and tracking the speed of a website. The tool besides has lot of other features like conducting audits for checking the website performance, checking the accessibility of website and different web applications, checking the SEO and many more.

27. SpeedMonitor.io


SpeedMonitor.io is one of the best SEO tools used by various content writers and website content developers. It helps to track the daily loading speed of your website or the pages. The tool performs on-demand audits and the website speed of the competitors too.

28. Webpage Test


If you are eager to understand the speed of your website from various browsers and from various locations, then the Webpage Test tool is the best one for you. You just need to enter the name of your website URL and then check your website performance.

29. Web.dev


Web.dev is a tool where you can gain valuable insights and tips on the performance of your website and then find ways of improvement. The tool helps to measure the website page quality and the page loading speed.

30. Web Vitals

Web Vitals is an extension of GitHub. It helps to measure the performance and several metrics related to the statistics of a website. The tool generates a report that helps to assess your website and bring in improvements. It evaluates page responsiveness, page speed, and the stability of the websites.

31. SendPulse


SendPulse is one of the useful SEO tools where you can receive emails and notifications and even SMS messages on the various events and user actions on your website or the web pages. You can instantly act on them and use the insights to fast action on your website performance and quality.

32. Scraper

Scraper is an extension of Google Chrome. It can easily scrape any data from your website URL and then present the metrics in a spreadsheet. It is actually a plugin which crawls through the webpages to check the keywords, backlinks and ranking.

33. Magic PR

Magic PR helps in SEO link building to Amazon, Bing, and Google Cloud. So if you create and enter into a brand campaign, then this is the best tool for you. You can boost traffic to your website, increase your organic ranking, thus resulting in new potential sales and customers.

34. Help A Reporter

Help a Reporter or a HARO is a tool where you can connect to sources of Information. It is essentially a website where resources are available which can boost traffic, and connect to new potential customers. You need to pitch in for source request and accordingly journalists or experts are assigned or connected to it.

35. Streak

Streak is majorly a CRM management software that can be used as a SEO tool to build and create customer relationships. It can be added to Chrome extension. Collaborations with customers can be done smoothly and seamlessly, thus help in creating a revenue pipeline.

36. Whitespark Google Review Link Generator

If you want to generate a shortened link to your webpage and find the listing in Google reviews, then the Whitespark Google Review link generator is a good tool. You need to enter the name of your Google Business to generate the review link and the QR code.

37. Local Search Results Checker

In this tool, you can search a keyword focused on a particular location and choose either Google maps or Google search engine to search the keyword and its usability. You can also its local SEO tools like local search grid, local rank tracker, local search audit, and citation tracker.

38. Moz Local Check Business Listing


If you want to check the MoZ local listing of your company which is a website or an online content provider, then this is one of the best SEO tools to be relied upon. The tools has powerful citation accuracy checks, publishing facility, review management and integration with Facebook, Google, and many more.

39. Whitespark Local Citation Finder

One of the preferred SEO tools when it comes to discovering new opportunities based on the citations of your competitors. It is also finding and tracking citations throughout the internet, and easily identifying new citation sites where your online busines can be routed.

40. Fakespot Review Checker

The tool helps to detect fake reviews and scams to your website. This helps in ensuring the spam scoring of your website is not bad. The SEO ranking and rating of your website or online content will improve and hence the ranking of your website.

41. SFAIK Screaming Frog Analyzer

Screaming Frog Analyzer provides the facility to upload the log files of your website, identify the URLs that are being crawled and verify search engine bots. This will help gain visibility into invaluable SEO insights.

42. SEOWL Google Title Rewrite Checker

There are various SEO tools provided within the SEOWL Google Title Rewrite Checker namely – Free Bulk keyword rank checker, Bulk google index checker, Title rewrite checker, XML Sitemap extractor.

43. wordable.io


Wordable.io is a tool that will help to optimize web pages and content to gain a good SEO rating. You can rank your page better and attract more traffic to your website. The tools helps in compressing images, set the post URL, category, and links to other websites.

44. Also Asked

Also, Asking helps in finding out the questions that people ask on some particular keywords. This will help in curating online content addressing the questions and hence gain better SEO visibility and search engine ranking.

45. Exploding Topics

If you want to search for topics that are constantly and being popularly searched, then definitely you must use this tool. This helps in creating and uncovering the topics which will gain more traffic and use them in the headings of your online website content.

46. Keys4Up

Keywords help in ranking content high in the search engine and help in gaining good visibility as far as SEO is concerned. You need to enter a keyword and then check the usability and searchability of it. Accordingly, you can use it in your content and website.

47. Wordtracker Scout

Another best of the free SEO tools when it comes to keyword research. You can search for keywords which can be best used be it as primary or secondary. This will help in rank your website or web page high in Google search engine.

48. KWFinder

If you want to discover long-tail keywords, then KWFinder is the correct tool for you. Many a times specific and less frequently used keywords bring in higher results. You can search such keywords in KWFinder tool and use them in your content.

49. Merkle Mobile-First Index Checker

Merkle Mobile-First Index checker tool is phenomenal in comparing desktop pages and mobile pages for any discrepancies. You can check the SEO signals like meta tobots, canonical, hreflang tags and many others. It also checks whether your website is mobile-friendly.

50. Mobile Friendly Test

The tools is part of Google and has a search console. You need to enter the name of the URL and then check on for its being mobile-friendly. This helps in designing websites which can be easily be viewed in mobile.

51. GTMetrix


If you want to check the page or website loading speed then you must select GTMetrix. One of the best free SEO tools that will help you to enhance and optimize the load speed of your website. You may try to compress images and videos and use links judiciously.

52. Cloudflare

Use Cloudflare for developing and building scalable websites and online content. The tool secures both internal and external resources of your online application or website. Further, it helps to improve the performance and speed of your website.

53. Onpagehero

Onpagehero helps in adding as much as data points and information into the Google Analytics tool. This helps in monitoring the SEO more efficiently and growing your website by leveraging the powerful dashboard of Google Analytics.

54. Link Redirect Trace


Link Redirect Trace is one of the best SEO tools when it comes to perform comprehensive and advanced analysis of links. Canonical tags and redirects are also analyzed by the tool. Further if you want to perform SEO analysis, competitor analysis, on page and off-page SEO, then also the tool is useful.

55. Seolyzer.io


Seolyzer.io helps to analyze the logs or log files generated when bots crawl your website and leaves information for increasing the efficiency of your website. The information and data are utilized and transformed into SEO KPIs.

56. Xenu


Xeno is one of the useful free SEO tools that crawls into your website after connecting to it. The tool is easy to use. You just need to enter the name of the URL and the tool will start crawling for extracting issues that will help to attain a good SEO.

57. Reddit Keyword Research Tool


In the tool, you just need to type the name of the subreddit and select the one from the list that comes up. The next step is to extract the keywords. The subreddit which has plethora of comments and activities has more keywords.

58. The Surfer Keyword Research Module


Similar to the Keyword planner, the Surfer Keyword research module helps to find the right keywords for your website or online content. The tool provides multiple keywords with their popularity and usage, which retrieves in the search results more.

59. Chrome Dev Tools


The tools are part of Google Chrome. They are web developer tools that help in editing pages and diagnosing the problems in the pages and the website as a whole. With the analysis and diagnosis, you can build or optimize your websites better and even increase the performance and loading speed.

60. Marketing Miner


Marketing miner helps in keyword research, SEO auditing, website rank tracking, competitor analysis, brand monitoring, and link building. The best part is the tool helps in bulk data analysis.

61. Natural Language API Demo


The tool uses machine learning to find out the meaning of a keyword or text. It helps in understanding the search results based on the people, location, events and even the social media sentiments.

62. BuzzSumo


The tool crawls the social media and websites to find out the niche content for you which you can use to gain more traffic. It helps to find out backlinks of domains and competitors thus enabling competitor analysis and optimizing your website.

63. Hunter.io


Used for link building and collaborations, some of the key elements for enhancing the SEO for your website or online content. By collaboration, it is a focus on the guest posts for your website or when you write for a different website and provide backlink to your website.

64. Wappalyzer


If you want to understand what technologies are being used in your website, then use Waappalyzer. It helps to find out the programming languages being used, the marketing tools, CDN, CRM, payment processors and many more. This helps in designing and optimizing websites.

65. Wayback Machine

The tool can be conveniently used to research links that are older and may have disappeard from your website. This helps in understanding the alteration in the traffic percentage to your website. You can analyse the changs and try to add potential backlinks.

66. Log Hero

For monitoring logs generated while Google search engines crawl through your website or your webpages, Log hero is a good tool to be used. You can analyze the logs to understand the issues in your website and work on improving the same.

67. Smush

Compressing images help in increasing the SEO and rank of your website. Smush is exactly the tool that will help in optimizing the images to improve the performance and page speed of your website.

68. Wheregoes

Interesting name for a tool. It helps in following the entire path of an URL, tiny URLs and shortened links. The link tracer displays the links that are being redirected to which includes php redirects, htaccess redirects, NGINX redirects, JavaScript redirects and meta-refreshes and many more.

69. Majestic


Truly one of the best SEO tools when it comes to driving organic traffic to your website. You can build the strongest SEO backlinks and campaigns with the help of Majestic. Besides it helps in developing backlink strategies with their link intelligence data.

70. Clicky


Clicky is one of the most reliable free SEO tools for monitoring and analyzing the traffic to your blog or website. The analysis can be done real time where you can track the visitors. It even generates a heatmap.

71. Classyschema.org

The tool powers Google to understand the subject of the webpages and generate rich snippets in Google search results. The structured data is generated using the schema.org vocabulary, formatted as per HTML, Microdata, and JSON-LD.

72. Copyscape


You just need to provide the content of your website for which you want to check plagiarism. The tool shows the websites which contain the duplicate data. This helps in refining your web content so as to avoid being ranked low in search engine and to increase the traffic to your website.

73. Keyword Sheeter


One of the interesting free SEO tools that help to analyze and search keywords. It helps to provide the data from the competitors, the keyword volume, and cost per click. Hence you can decide the keywords to be used in your website or online web content.

74. Disavow Tool

Sometimes you want to remove the links used by other websites as they may hamper your SEO and search ranking. If you are not able to convince the websites to remove the links, you can disavow them in the tool.

75. Link Miner


Link Miner is an extension of Google Chrome. The tool helps to check an URL whether it has any broken links. It even helps to check our the metrics of such broken links which involves search results and the data from social media.

76. Google Business Profile

If you want your business to be discovered in Google maps and in Google search, then you must definitely create a Google business profile. Specify your location, business categories and then some interesting posts with keywords to draw traffic.

77. MozBar


One of the easy-to-use free SEO tools that world well with Chrome. The tool helps to gain access to some of the advanced SEO Metrics and data related to your website or online content. You can even be acquainted with the Domain Authority scores of your website.

78. Sheet Consolidator

If you want to create some interactive and user-friendly workbooks, then you can use the Sheet Consolidator tool. Also it will help to create the necessary hyperlinks, thus enabling a good and high-quality content.

79. Ahref’s SEO Toolbar


It is one of the best SEO tools and has an extension for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The tool provides the required SEO data for the websites and the web pages you visit. Some of its key features include on-page SEO reports, SERP positions, and Redirect tracer with HTTP headers.

80. Woorank


Woorank analyzes your website and provides interesting and useful insights that provide a good guide to improve the SEO of your website. A SEO score is generated and an actionable checklist is generated which provides steps for analyzing and fixing the problems.

81. Lipperhey

Enter the name of your website and the tool will help to generate tips for keywords and provide a detailed analysis of your website to improve the SEO. It even has a backlink checker and a SEO analytics tool.

82. Dareboost


The tool will help in auditing your website content to understand its SEO presence and its popularity. You can also search for keywords and which are the best can be used in your website or online web content.

83. Siteliner

Using Siteliner tool to find out broken links and duplicate content. Besides you can check the page authority of your website with the tool. The other features of the tool include getting an XML sitemap and a detailed report of the site.

84. Counting Characters Google SERP tool

The tool helps in providing character count and pixel count. This enables ensuring meta tags are working as desired. It is essentially a Google SERP preview tool where you need to enter the page title, URL, and meta description for retrieving the results.

85. Rich Results test

Rich results test help in understanding whether your website or web page supports rich results. Rich results include images, carousels, and other non-textual elements. Eventually this will help in uplifting your website and increase traffic.

86. Structured Markup Validator

A powerful tool to check the schemas used in your website. It can help to create schemas, maintain them and even promote them. The schemas are for the structured data on the internet.

87. Ryle Structured Data Helper

Another tool to check the usefulness of a schema being used in your website. It helps to validate and review the schemas faster and quicker and provides an insight of your website on the schema markup.

88. View Rendered Source


The tool is an extension of Google Chrome. It helps to check how the browser is rendering your website or web page, which includes the modifications being made by the Java scripts. The best part is the tool helps to compare the raw and rendered versions line by line.

89. Higher visibility Google SERP Snipper optimization tool

The tool leverages the features of the Google SERP preview functions and helps in analyzing your website. You need to enter the page title, URL, and meta description to generate the SERP snippet.

90. Merkle’s Schema markup generator

The tool has a number of features to test the SEO credibility of your website. The features include checking on crawling, rendering, schema generation, SERP and ranking. It has Mobile SEO, international SEO, and local SEO tools.

91. Animalz Revive


One of the useful free SEO tools for upgrading or updating your website or pages of your website. It helps to gain traffic to your web pages and you can keep a constant insight into the peak traffic to help increase the SEO of your website as well as search rank.


Another SERP Preview tool and tracking tool. You can easily set up some automatic alerts and notifications to check the SERP metrics and even decide on the frequencies to receive the notifications.

93. Taptimize

You need to enter 10 keywords and then track the SERPs. The tool helps to find the right keywords for your website or online content. Further, you can get some actionable SEO tips from the tool for better ranking of your website.

94. Bulk Google rank checker

If you want to check the SERP for a bulk of websites then use the Bulk Google rank checker tool. And when you do that, you can enter a number of keywords in bulk to check the quality and performance thus enabling better SEO for the websites.

95. LSI Graph

LSI Graph is a good tools to check out and discover related keywords that you can use in your online content for better traffic and high ranking. Besides the tool helps to check traffic volume, trends, competition, CPC and more.

96. Detailed.com

If you want to check your competition related to your industry and field, use Detailed.com. It will provide you a well-defined, popular and curated sites similar to the industry or service that your website or online business is related to.

97. SERPrator

One of the powerful free SEO tools to check the SERPs across different devices and locations. Search results do change depending on the device one is using and the location one is present. The tools helps in discovering how the search results reflect filtered on location and device.

98. Mangools


It is a keyword analysis tool and one of the popular free SEO tools. The tool helps to understand how much feasible is to use the long-tail keyword options you have in your website or online content.

99. Serpfox

One of the oldest free SEO tools to check the ranks of your website. It also notifies and checks when the rank changes in your website to ensure modifications and rectifications in your online content. You can check the keywords or ranks based on locations.

100. SiteGuru


The tool has a free version for auditing two websites and 50 pages per website. SiteGuru crawls to each of the websites automatically and finds the pages in the website that need to be analyzed. The tools were essentially created for SEO improvements and to check any technical errors or issues.


The success of a website or online business greatly depends on the SEO credibility. Hence it is recommended to select the best SEO tool for you and if it comes for free then your budget angle is also secured. Hope the list shared above will help and guide you in deciding on the right SEO tool for you.

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