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Are you looking at the best Google Adsense alternatives to make money from your website? You are at the right place, we have listed down 15 alternatives that will help you monetize your website content. Let’s get started:

1. Monumetric

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Make money with monumetric by filling your ad inventory with the highest CPM offers available. To get started, set up the ad inventory that is available on your site. Then Monumetric helps you fill it in a way that you earn maximum money corresponding to the impressions that you are getting.

Monumetric is suitable for someone with 10,000 page views per month. A one-time setup fee of $99 is charged if the website is getting views under 80,000. Monumetric is built keeping publishers in mind. They have four different monetization programs depending on the number of page views received on the site.

2. PropellerAds

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PropellerAds is the most advanced monetization solution that helps you generate more revenue from your website. The different ad types on PropellerAds are suitable for generating revenue however it includes some aggressive ad types that may or may not be the right fit for your website. With PropellerAds, publishers can receive revenue every week to their preferred payment method. The minimum payout amount is just $5.

The five popular and most profitable ad formats provided by PropellerAds include – Push notifications, Onclick ads, In-page push, Interstitials, and smart links. Native banners and smart links are part of the two tamest ad formats while onclick, interstitials, and push notifications are on a more aggressive side.

3. ylliX

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With ylliX you get a 100% worldwide fill rate. It provides a variety of ad types for both mobile and desktop traffic. ylliX supports CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns. The minimum payout at ylliX is just $1 and publishers are eligible to opt for daily payouts as well. With instant account approval, you can get started at ylliX immediately. The payments can be redeemed via PayPal at ylliX.
Boost up your online earning quickly with the help of ylliX. It is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives. This site can be used as either publisher or advertiser.

4. Skimlinks

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Skimlinks is one of the world’s largest commerce content monetization platforms. This platform is a one-stop solution for scaling up a content commerce strategy by providing the technology and data. To do so, it scans your website content for mentions of 48,500 affiliate merchants available in the Skimlinks network. If it finds a mention of the merchant, it automatically adds an affiliate link to help you get a chance to earn a commission. This helps publishers save time and focus on more important tasks at hand. The minimum payout amount is just $10.

5. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser helps in monetizing website content with the help of a variety of ad formats including display banners, popunders, sliders, smartlinks, and programmatic ads. To ensure that you always have some type of ad displaying, Bidvertiser guarantees 100% coverage for both mobile and desktop traffic. Bidvertiser also supports some aggressive ad types like popunders.

It works perfectly for small websites that don’t receive many visitors and are generating revenue slowly. Bidvertiser ensures that they get paid faster by keeping the minimum payout amount as $10. There are several payment options supported on this platform including Paypal, Bitcoin, wire, and check.

6. Revcontent

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Revcontent is a leading content marketing platform for publishers who are concerned about their site’s reputation as its exclusive ad network focuses more on quality than quantity. Revcontent provides full control to users on which ads to display and you can remove any ads that you don’t like. Since it is more focused on quality, there is a minimum requirement of 50,000 visitors per month to apply. They reject a lot of publishers but once you get approved for the platform, the minimum payout amount is $50. Empower yourself with Revcontent to drive meaningful revenue streams and audience engagement.

7. Infolinks

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Infolinks is another Google Adsense alternative that uses intent targeting, high viewability, and exclusive placements to help you monetize from your website. It offers a variety of ad types to monetize your content:

  • InText – It helps to match ads to keywords in your link. Instead of just a link, a display ad appears when a user hovers over the keyword
  • InFold – The ads are displayed in notification bar-style format and stick to the bottom of the screen
  • InScreen – Interstitial ad that pops up between page views
  • InTag – These are contextual ads that are directly related to the page
  • InFrame – Vertical ads are displayed on the unused side portion of the site

With these options, Infolinks provide a good range of both unobtrusive and aggressive ad options. The minimum payout amount provided by Infolinks is $50.

8. AdRecover

AdRecover is specifically known for reaching Adblock users with ease. Around 26% of users are using ad blockers to block advertising and AdRecover helps website owners reach those users. This is a very effective Google Adsense alternative that displays fast-loading and user-compliant ads.

AdBlock participates in the Acceptable Ads Program that lists out certain criterias that ads should meet in order to bypass ad blockers. AdRecover’s ads meet those criterias which is why they are able to bypass some if not all ad blockers. In order to become an active user of this platform, your site will need at least 10,000 adblocked page views per month.

9. PopCash

PopCash is a popular popunder advertising platform. Popunder ads are quite aggressive and you have to make the decision if they are suitable for your website or not. But if you are on board with aggressive ad marketing then PopCash is one of the most suitable platforms for such kinds of ads. It is one of the most suitable Google Adsense alternatives present in the market.

PopCash supports fast payments, daily payments, and the minimum payout amount is just $10 which means you can start earning as early as possible. To keep the ads clean and free of malware, PopCash has both internal and external monitoring processes.

10. Adversal

Adversal is a self-serve ad platform for native ads which makes it easy to set up campaigns within moments. It not only supports native content but you can also include native videos and more traditional display ads. Adversarial only requires minimum traffic of 50,000 page views per month. Adversarial CPM ad network is the best Google Adsense alternative. Adversarial helps you drive traffic, increase presence, build brand awareness, and monetize websites through various ad formats and targeting options. It helps publishers and advertisers to reach their target audience.

11. Taboola

Taboola claims to be the world’s leading discovery & native advertising platform that helps connect people with the most suitable content. It helps publishers monetize their site by displaying article suggestions after the website content. Taboola assists you in meeting your marketing objectives and encourages customers to take action online.

If you do not mind clickbait on your site, Taboola is a perfect Google Adsense alternative to effectively monetize your website. Getting into Taboola is slightly tough as you need a minimum of 50,000 page views per month to get approved.

12. Media.net

image of mediadotnet

Media.net is the most popular Google Adsense alternative as it is the contextual ad product by Yahoo/Bing. Just like Adsense, Media.net allows you to make your own custom ads or let it figure out what ad size will help you get the best results. This is a highly recommended Google Adsense alternative on this list. The best part is that Media.net displays relevant text and display ads based on the content on each page of your site. The minimum payout amount is comparatively higher at $100.

13. BuySellAds

BuySellAds build advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers. Meaning, you can sell advertising space by saying, “This footer gets around 30,000 impressions per month and I’ll be willing to sell it out for $300 per month.” This allows advertisers to purchase that spot automatically from the BuySellAds platform. The only con of using BuySellAds is that you need a minimum of 100,000 monthly page views to get approved. If you have that kind of traffic coming into your website then you should definitely give BuySellAds a chance. This is another Google Adsense alternative that will help you monetize from your website.

14. Sovrn //Commerce

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Sovrn //Commerce helps you monetize your website content by parsing through your content and automatically inserting relevant advertising links into your content. These links are usually assigned to the highest bidder on the platform. Additionally, Sovrn //Commerce also helps you add affiliate links to already existing product mentions in your website. Sovrn //Commerce ads are very neat and tidy because they simply add a link to existing content instead of large banner or text ads. The minimum payout amount at Sovrn //Commerce is $10.

15. Amazon Associates

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Were you aware that amazon associates has its own contextual advertising offering called Native Shopping Ads. With Native Shopping Ads, Amazon will automatically insert automatic links to the product mentions in your content. If your visitor clicks on any of these links and makes a purchase you will get a commission just like you would in the case of manual link insertion.

The only con is that you only get paid when someone makes a purchase but there is no payout for impressions or clicks. The minimum payout amount for the Amazon associates program is $10. If you want to use this platform, get familiar with all the rules in advance as the rules are much stricter than other platforms.

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