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YouTube is a platform where marketers can build their brand and boost their sales. As a beginner, getting views on YouTube seems to be a herculean task but with time and consistency, it gets easy. Below, you’ll learn 25 ways to get more views on YouTube, build your brand, and boost your following.

1. Create compelling content

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No amount of hacks, tips, or tricks can help you get more views on YouTube if your content is not interesting. To do this, understand what your subscribers want to know and create videos that meet their needs. Try to consistently create content that solves your ideal subscribers problems.

2. Encourage your viewers to subscribe

Retaining customers can be a powerful way to get more views on YouTube. Which is why you should keep encouraging your existing viewers to subscribe because getting subscribed will help you get more views on each new video that you release on your channel. The best way to do so is by asking your followers to subscribe at the beginning and end of each video. Make sure you also prompt them to hit the notification button so that they get notified each time you drop a new video.

3. Create playlists To keep people engaged

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Create a YouTube playlist to keep viewers engaged for a longer time on your channel. The easiest way of creating YouTube playlists is by going to each video you’d like to add to a particular playlist and clicking on the “+” icon below. You can either create a new playlist or add the video to an existing playlist. It’s a subtle but powerful way to get more views on YouTube. If your content is engaging, people will keep watching.

4. Be mindful of SEO and organic search results

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YouTube is the second most powerful search engine in the world, next to Google. Use the same tactics to get more views on YouTube as you would use on Google to surface your content in organic Google search queries. YouTube has similar tactics as Google to showcase the most relevant content.

5. Use business-relevant tags

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Using relevant business tags is the key to surface your video content in YouTube search results and get more views on YouTube. Use a combination of both short-tail and long-tail keywords that are relevant to your video. Put the more important keywords in the beginning. Don’t go overboard as keyword stuffing is against YouTube policy and doesn’t help you generate more views.

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6. Create enticing titles

Video titles are the first thing that people look at while browsing the search results. Create unique, interesting, and compelling video titles that clearly describe your video’s content. Title should make people curious and eager to learn more about the topic. For SEO purposes include the most relevant keywords in your video title to get more views on YouTube.

7. Add a watermark to your videos

Watermark is just an image that can be set to appear on all your videos. It could be either a brand logo or any text. When a user hovers over the watermark, it prompts them to subscribe to the channel. This allows you to gain more subscribers and get more views on YouTube videos.

8. Use relevant and interesting thumbnails

youtube thumbnail

Just as video titles are the first thing that users look at while browsing the search results, thumbnails are the first images. Creating thumbnails that are intriguing and relevant to your video content is an excellent strategy to get more views on YouTube. High-quality, engaging thumbnails can help you gain organic followers.

9. Use closed captions and transcripts

Closed captions and transcripts are a powerful way of optimizing your video SEO. YouTube algorithm detects additional keywords and phrases highlighted in the captions and transcripts while indexing your videos. Additionally, captions and transcripts make your YouTube account more accessible to a wide variety of audiences who are otherwise unable to interact with your content in its original form.

10. Repurpose your existing content

Re-sharing already existing content in a new format is a great way to prolong the shelf life of your videos. Repurpose existing videos in a format you know your audience will enjoy. If some of your videos have performed well in the past, repurposing them to share with your newly added subscribers is helpful to get more views on YouTube.

11. Create a unique introductory hook for your videos

This unique tip is used by several high-performing YouTubers to get more views on YouTube videos. Use the most interesting and exciting part of your video in the beginning to let curiosity brew amongst your viewers. Play out the full clip until at least halfway through the video.

12. Lead users to your other videos in the end screen

An end screen is a dedicated frame that is placed at the end of your videos to wrap things up and highlight call-to-action. You can use this end screen to direct viewers to another video or playlist. A poll card can also be created to understand what kind of content your viewers would like to see on your channel.

13. Enable embedding

Embed your Youtube videos in your blog posts or newsletters to reach a wider range of audiences. It is an invaluable way of exposing your content to new users who might find it useful. Other people can also embed your content on their own page as long as your content is relevant to their audience.

14. Keep us with the latest trends

This is probably the most important way to get more views on YouTube. Leverage YouTube trends to understand what sort of content gets more attention from the users. Prepare videos around trending topics as it provides value to your viewers and helps you get more views on YouTube.

15. Promote your videos on other platforms

Promote your videos on other social media channels to get more views on YouTube. Each time you upload a new video let your followers on other social media platforms know about it. The best way to do this is by sharing a short video teaser that nudges your users to check out the full video.

16. Collaborate with similar accounts

There are a large number of people generating content like yours. Collaborating with content creators in the same space as you is the best way to gain new followers. Create two separate videos, one for their channel and one for yours. When they post videos on their channel, you’ll gain exposure to their audience group and vice versa.

17. Find out what posting time works for you

If you wish to get more views on YouTube, try to find out the best time to post by analyzing the information from YouTube’s native analytics tool. Try to create a posting schedule that aligns with your existing viewership but doesn’t hesitate to experiment in order to get exposed to a new audience group.

18. Use a multi-channel approach

If you’re a large business, use a multi-channel approach by creating different channels dedicated to different purposes. Multiple channels ensures that the content is accessible to different audience groups and gets more views on YouTube. Use the channels tab to feature all your existing channels at one place for the audience to see.

19. Keep your mobile viewers in mind

More than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices. Keep this fact in mind while creating your content. Optimize your videos for mobile viewers by creating videos that can adapt to different mobile device aspect ratios, ensuring that titles and thumbnails aren’t distorted in small screens. etc.

20. Be patient

As creators and marketers, we wish for immediate success and virality. However, this may take some time as it needs patience to create more videos. Don’t get demotivated if you don’t get success in a short span of time. Remember consistency is the key to grow on YouTube.

21. Create a community

Instead of looking at YouTube as a video search engine, consider it as a social network. Instead of simply sharing videos with your audience, it is equally important to engage regularly with them in order to get more likes on YouTube. Best practice is to respond to comments from your viewers.

22. Optimize your channel

Optimizing your channel is vital to get more views on YouTube and strengthen your brand. Create strong and consistent brand aesthetics. Which essentially means using the same image, logo, and colors across your website and other social media platforms. Optimize your channel description, add channel keywords, enable related channels, add website links, contact links, etc.

23. Understand what gets viral

Keeping a note of what is trending and what is not might make or break your YouTube channel viewership. Have a knowledge of what is happening in the world so that you can create content around it before the topic gets saturated. Being the first to share will expose your video to more people and get more views on YouTube.

24. Create a YouTube trailer

Feature your best content in a short video and use it as a trailer for your videos. It gives viewers an idea of what kind of content you create and encourages them to subscribe to your channel. Keep the trailer for max 25-30 seconds by giving a glimpse of your personality throughout the video duration.

25. Understand the importance of “Watch Time”

“Watch Time” is basically the time people spend watching your videos. YouTube’s algorithm is heavily based on the watch time. It not only affects individual videos but the entire channel as well. The better your videos are, the more time people spend watching them. This leads to a higher ranking in the YouTube search algorithm and helps to get more views on YouTube.


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