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“Writers Block” is a common phenomenon among blog or content writers. Even experienced writers undergo such a situation. It’s not something which you must be disappointed with. There are innumerable blog topic generators for WordPress blog post ideas. They help to find out the potential ideas or trending topics where you can work on and earn traffic and in turn the visitors.

The content ideas suggested by the blog topic generators will re-kindle the creative minds to think vividly and come out with a high-quality blog or an article. Furthermore, the content will be new and fresh, which will bring in interested visitors. This will help your blogs to earn greater recognition and appreciation.

Let us now focus on 8 blog topic generators for WordPress blog post ideas.


Portent is one of the innovative and best blog topic generators for WordPress blog post ideas. You need to just type your subject in the text box which appears on the home page of the website. Then click on the button “Generate Idea” for suggestions on the blog topics. Even you can get ideas for your podcast or a video. A creative title and advice are generated by the tool which will provide you the fruit for thought. You can save the ideas and even share them on social media platforms to check their potential reach and popularity.

The website also has a few resources where you can learn about how to promote your content, refine your content, and earn content ranking. They even provide digital marketing services for your content. There is a tutorial provided on the website for a step-by-step approach on how to input the subject topic and then generate the ideas from it. Once the blog topic is generated, you can hover on it to find out why the topic has been suggested and how compelling it is.


screenshot of hubspot

Hubspot is one of the easy-to-use and friendly blog topic generators for WordPress Blog Post ideas. It allows you to input 5 different nouns or keywords in sequence. It’s not mandatory to enter all 5 nouns, depending on your preference. Once the input is done, you can click on the “Give me blog ideas” button to generate the results. You will receive 5 different blog ideas in the form of weekly cards.

There is a FAQ section to place your queries and receive answers for them. You can share your blog topic ideas on social media platforms too to check their potential importance and reach. Using the blog topic ideas, you can easily create content for the entire week. Thus it relieves a person of writer’s block as well as a cessation in idea generation. Due to its simplistic website design and approach, many people prefer using it for blog ideas.


screenshot of seoprofessor

SEOPressor is one of the best blog topic generators for WordPress blog post ideas. On its home page, you need to enter a keyword. There is a drop-down just beside to select whether the keyword is a generic term, brand, product, location, industry, person’s name, or skill. You then need to click on “Generate Titles” to find out the potential blog ideas. The drop-down option is a great plus point in this tool. If you are writing blog content or article for a specific domain, industry, brand, or skill, then this is an added advantage for finding out the perfect blog ideas. Hence it helps you to find out blog ideas that are perfect for your target audience.

The blog ideas eventually will help you to earn more traffic to your website and subsequently assist in earning high revenue. Your subscriber list is bound to increase with the suggested creative titles. It also has a blog section where you can read articles related to copywriting, marketing, SEO, and many other topics related to content writing. You can try for some good suggestions and advice to improve your content writing capabilities and also the quality of the articles.

Content Row

screenshot of contentrow

Content Row is another one of the user-friendly blog topic generators for WordPress blog post ideas. It helps in generating ideas for headlines and blog titles. You need to enter 1 or 2 keywords to get the headlines. The titles generated are catchy and can generate a high amount of traffic. Another best part is the Analyze headline functionality. If you want to check whether your blog title headline is strong or not, then use this feature. The analyzer shows whether the headline has the appropriate word count and conveys a positive sentiment. It also provides suggestions as to the replacement of words and grammatical corrections.

The tool brings in some alternatives of words to be used. You can check the analysis results to correct the blog title headline. The other tools and features of Content Row are word counter, case converter, topic follower, and trending topics. In trending topics, you can check which articles or blogs are being followed by the viewers and are trending on social media platforms. There is a support section where you can request a new feature and contact the customer support representatives.


screenshot of builtvisible

Builtvisible is one of the fast-performing blog topic generators for WordPress blog post ideas. It is Google Spreadsheets-based Content Strategy Discovery Tool. Before using the tool, you can check the numerous case studies on the website for earning the required confidence. The way the tool operates is that it gathers information from Google News, Google Insights, Reddit, YouTube, Topsy, and more sources. Based on the data gathered, it displays the topics or stories that are trending and searched mostly by the viewers. This provides good insight into the topics which you can select for your website content or blog.

It has a blog section where you can check the articles written by experts on content writing and how to look for catchy headlines. The other functionalities provided by Builtvisible are digital PR services, improvising the content strategy, and SEO. Furthermore, it helps in providing valuable information on how to increase your traffic and hence the organic growth. In other words, the tool helps in enhancing the visibility of your website and also helps in earning more revenue.


screenshot of buzzsumo

BuzzSumo is one of the best blog topic generators for WordPress blog post ideas. You need to enter the keyword and then click on “Find Content”. It helps to generate suitable content for your website and also shows articles that are high-performing and of high quality. Once the results are displayed, you can filter them as per the dates. In short, it is a brilliant way to check out the articles written by your competitors and then decide on the headline or the content details. The key features of BuzzSumo are content discovery, content research, finding influencers, online monitoring, and automation.

Check out the use cases for each of its features to understand its expertise and experience level. The website has in its store other useful resources like blogs on content writing, testimonials, and webinars. The webinars help in guiding how the tool must be used and how to use the data from the search results to create an interesting blog topic. It also offers a pricing plan. For usage by 1 user and nil exports per month, the plan is free. For advanced features, there are 3 more plans – Pro for USD 99 per month, Plus for USD 179 per month, and Large for USD 299 per month.

Tweak Your Biz

Tweak Your Biz is one of the greatest blog topic generators for WordPress blog post ideas. You can use it to generate titles for articles and blog posts. The title will eventually help to gain traffic especially from the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and also from website visitors. The traffic gain is claimed to be uplifted by 50% or even more. You need to enter the topic in the keyword box. The next option to select is whether the word is a noun or a verb. The third step is to specify how you want the results to appear – is it in Title case, Sentence case of All CAPS.

Once done you can finally click on Submit to generate the results. Multiple options are provided to select from the titles. Also, you can share the ideas on social media platforms to gain feedback on its applicability and relevance. There are several resources or blogs present on the website for you to check. They may eventually help to generate high-quality content for your website.


Ubersuggest is another popular blog topic generator for WordPress Blog post ideas. The tool performs multiple functions, generated keywords as well as content ideas. You can enter the keyword or the trending topic in the text box to search for the content ideas. Multiple website URLs are displayed from where you can select your blog title and even contents which are pen down by the other experts and writers. Against each of the URLs, it shows the estimated number of visits along with the keywords used. The number of backlinks for each of the search results is also displayed. The results shown are as per the visitors and views on Facebook and Pinterest.

You can export the entire display of results into a CSV file or even copy to a Clipboard. Ubersuggest provides its customers with 3 pricing plans. Individuals with 12 USD per month, Business for 20 USD per month, and Enterprise for 40 USD per month. There is a 7 day trial period to check the features and then decide on the plan as per your needs and preferences. Else you can utilize the free version to avail the basic features.

The Final Notes…

All the blog topic generators for WordPress blog post ideas are available in free versions. For advanced features, some of the tools provide pricing plans which can be availed as per convenience. They ease the life of bloggers and content writers. The ideas are generated have been proven to drive a good amount of traffic to the website. Thus you can stay relaxed and calm if you suffer a mind block in coming up with new content.

The blog topic generators offer some interesting and trending topic ideas at your doorstep which you can churn and nourish further to write engaging content or blog. So next time when you are in a dilemma as to what idea to focus on for your blog, just avail the tools mentioned. You are sure to be enlightened with lots of ideas to focus your writing.

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