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Canva is one of the leading graphic design programs in the world. The user-friendly Canva allows you to create your graphic design and is user-friendly. Use Canva to make visual content like graphics, presentations, pamphlets, posters, and fliers. Users can use convenient ready-to-use templates. Canva has different models for free and paid subscriptions (Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise).

As we become more skilled at using graphic design programs, we may use multiple programs for our visual content tools. In this blog, we explore the best Canva alternatives you can use.

1. Visme


Visme is one of the best Canva alternatives available in the market. The editor is easy to use, intuitive, and has cross-functional features. You can use it to create professional and engaging posters, presentations, infographics, and social media content.

Visme has paid and free versions. Visme offers three variants for the paid versions- Standard, Business, and Enterprise.

The feature-packed Visme has several appealing features:-

  • Advanced data visualizing tools – Visme offers powerful data visualizing tools with over 40 charts and graphs. Users can prepare charts by inputting the data or export the data from spreadsheets. You can use the latest data to create dashboards.
  • Large template collection – Visme has a library of templates for your personal and professional use. You can create videos, gifs, and animated slides.
  • Infographics – Visme has a great infographic maker. Use a large number of templates and an intuitive bar that helps users modify the infographics according to your content.
  • Photo editing tool – Use the photo editing tool to enhance your images inside the browser. It is convenient to edit your pictures in Visme instead of using photo-editing software.
  • Animation and interactive – You can use Visme animation and interactive features, like animated illustrations, popups, and hover effects on your websites.
  • Collaboration – You can collaborate with your team and work on projects together. Managers, content creators, and designers can work as a unit to create stunning graphics.

2. Easil


You can create professional and stunning visual content using Easil. Easil offers advanced editing capabilities and has an impressive template library. The feature-packed Easil is a strong contender for the best Canva alternative. You can upload your brand assets and create templates for your team. Easil has stock images you can use.

Easil has the following key features:-

  • Brand kit features – The feature allows you to upload logos, fonts, colors, and images.
  • Brand locking – You can create custom brand permission and locking. You can create custom templates for your firm. You can use settings to ensure they are not manipulated.
  • Teams – Easil allows you to customize access and control how your team gets to edit and share your project.
  • High-quality template – You get access to high-quality templates in the library. With Easil you get complete access to a template, you do not have to pay extra for hidden elements.
  • Editing tool – Easil has a unique editing tool with features like the Text-effect tool, color palette generator, tables, and transparent PNG.
  • Advanced design tool – Users can work in layers, group elements, and merge design elements from other templates.
  • GIF maker – Use Easil to make different types of GIFs. You can animate texts, images, photos, texts, and icons.

3. Adobe Spark

adobe spark

Adobe Spark is an online tool for quick graphic design. It is not as feature-packed as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator but offers good Canva alternatives. The program is easy to use and you can create graphics for your social media page. Adobe Spark has free and premium versions.

Adobe Spark is available in mobile and desktop versions.

Some key features of the program are:-

  • Template design – Adobe Spark has several template designs. After finding a template you like you can modify the template to create social media posts, collages, and fliers.
  • Apply theme – You can choose design themes from Spark and apply them to your project.
  • Easy Text Size – Easily modify and reset the size of your text with your mouse or fingers (on mobile).
  • Animation effect – Adobe Spark offers great animation effects.
  • Brand features – You have the flexibility of adding your logo, color fonts, and themes for your brand portfolio.

4. Pixelied


Pixelied is another great Canva alternatives for creating your graphic designs. The program has large library stock photos, icons, and illustrations you can use. Pixelied is available in the paid version only.

You can use the program to modify backgrounds easily. Pixelied allows graphic designers to create product mockups for your brand. You can also create multiple workspaces to work with different teams. The program has a similar interface to Canva.

You can upload your files and images to manipulate.

Some of the key features of Pixelied are:-

  • Ready-to-use templates – you can use the built-in template with thumbnails, header images, and graphics.
  • Stock images – Pixelied has a large collection of stock images.
  • Icons – You can use the large collection of icons to bring your designs to life.
  • Workspace – You can create a workspace for each project with its color scheme, design files, and setting. You can collaborate with your team with designers, copywriters, and developers.
  • Mockups – Use Pixelied to create professional apps and websites in a few clicks.
  • Illustrations – You can create quirky character illustrations.

5. Crello


Crello is among the new Canva alternatives in the market. Crello is a powerful graphical designer program. You can use Crello to create animation with the animation tool. It has an excellent library of templates. It has an impressive collection of illustration-style graphic elements. Crello has three pricing levels – free, advanced, and pro.

Key features of Crello are:-

  • Templates – You can select your template from size and theme.
  • Massive image template – You can access Crello’s massive stock photo library.
  • Photo Editor – You can edit your photos on Crello with tools like filters, color effects, and transparency.
  • Design tools – Use Crello to add text, stickers, animation, and multi-layer images.
  • Animated maker – Crello Pro users get access to the full Animated Suite. The library has animated vertical and square videos for Facebook and Instagram stories or Facebook videos.

6. Stencil


Stencil is one of the leading lightweight Canva alternatives help you create images for your website or social media. You can access Stencil in your browser via extenstion to highlight text or capture images. Stencil has a library of quotes that you can import onto your image to create fresh content. You can search quotes by a person or by keywords or content. Stencil has limited Free Plan, Pro Plan, and Unlimited Plan.

Some features of Stencil are:-

  • Stock Photos – You can access the massive library of stock photos.
  • Templates, icons, and graphics – There is a large collection of templates, icons, and graphics at your disposal.
  • Custom social media sizes – There are 41 ready-to-use custom sizes for different mediums including social media.
  • Quotes library – You can select the ideal quote from 100,000 quotes to create an image with a quote. With the help of the Chrome extension, you add quotes from the web to Stencil canvas to create an image. The 2,300 Google Web fonts will give flexibility.

7. PicMonkey


PicMonkey is a robust Canva alternative in the market. The program has powerful photo editing capabilities. You can create your designs with the design tools in the program. The photo retoucher and pattern and effect tool are popular features of PicMonkey. PicMonkey has a seven-day free trial after which you can upgrade to a Basic plan or Pro plan.

The key features in PicMonkey are:-

  • Basic and advanced photo editing tool – PicMonkey has excellent photo editing capabilities. From simple crop and rotate to complicated exposure slider, you get a lot of flexibility.
  • Photo Effects and Filters – You can add effects and filters to add additional depth to your photos. You can use the touch-up effect to change eye color, remove blemishes and alter the facial features of photos.
  • Add texts to the photos – Use the text features to add text, graphics, and textures to your image.
  • Graphics – PicMonkey has a huge selection of graphics, vectors, icons, and effects.
  • Template – PicMonkey has a basic selection of templates for your social media accounts and design projects.

8. Snappa

Snappa is a great graphical design program that has a large collection of templates and stock images. Snappa’s unique ability to allow users to import custom fonts and share their designs on social media makes it one of the top Canva alternatives in the market. It offers limited free, Pro, and Team versions.

Some features in Snappa are:-

  • Graphic Editor – Users can use the drop and drag features to add texts, effects, graphics, and shapes.
  • Visual assets library – Snappa has an extensive library of photos, graphics, and fonts. The images are royalty-free and you can use them commercially.
  • Templates – You can use Snappa’s templates, available in different sizes and niches.
  • Resize tool – Use Snappa to resize your images easily.
  • Own photos upload – You have the flexibility of uploading your photo, fonts, and graphics.
  • Share images on social media – Snappa allows users to share your images on your social media platforms. This feature is available to paid users.
  • Team collaboration – You can collaborate with your team on your design projects.

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