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Evergreen trees remain green throughout the year and are considered a symbol of perpetual life. Evergreen content marketing employs sustainable techniques that surpass the latest trends that you can use again. In this blog, we look at some evergreen content examples.

What is evergreen content?


Evergreen content is relevant throughout the year and is content that never goes out of date. The information remains useful, topical, and shareable throughout the year. Evergreen articles and design elements should be a core part of every content strategy.

An evergreen content example is How to lose weight? – This topic is evergreen because there are always audiences wanting to lose weight and remain healthy. If you look at a topic like Bitcoin prices, it is not evergreen but topical because the prices fluctuate.

Why is evergreen content important?


Online content has a lifecycle people are initially interested and there is a spike in traffic as many people read your article, but gradually flatlines when people lose interest. Evergreen content helps you escape this vicious cycle.

It is important for the following reasons- 

  • It can increase traffic to your website. SEO-optimized content will get a higher rank on the Google search result page. Remember to update your page regularly.
  • It can get more links – Backlinks are a vital part of your off-page SEO strategy. Other content creators are more likely to link high-quality evergreen content.
  • Share over social media – Share your evergreen content on the social media platform, and is more likely to be shared by others.
  • It helps to establish your trustworthiness – The articles help establish your authority and trustworthiness, and this helps you rank higher.
  • Do less work – You still have to work on creating new content, but evergreen content can save your marketing budget. By modifying your content periodically, you can get it to stay relevant and informative.

How do you select topics for evergreen topics?

Keyword research is the foundation of good content. Start by focusing on keywords that show stable popularity and traffic trends. Content creators need to understand the reason behind the searcher’s query. What answers does someone expect to see on the search engine research page? Explore your audiences on social media platforms and online communities. The forums will help you learn more about their issues and pain points and listen to their feedback carefully.

Think through your strategy

Start by planning your content strategy before you attempt to create evergreen content. Examine your blog categories, product offering, and buyer personas. Remember there is no full-proof plan, what works for one firm may not work for you.

Think about business size, goals, and offerings and answer questions like –

  • What blog categories or topic clusters best connect with your offering?
  • What information do your clients usually need?
  • What topics are closest to your brand? Which topics are relevant throughout the year.

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Find keyword


Finding the right keyword is an integral part of your strategy. Use trend tools like Google Trends to see the longevity of keywords and think about topics that appeal to your ideal customers. Have a look at the content covered by your competitors.

While building your keyword bank consider –

  • Search intent, what is the user looking for? How will your content answer the question?
  • Informational vs. Purchase driven content.
  • Look at who is ranking and assess if you can tailor content to outrank them.
  • Focus on long-tail keywords and keyword difficulty to meet your goals.
  • Consider audiences and the outreach market.

Write well-structured content

Follow best SEO practices while writing your evergreen content. Writing a news piece and evergreen content requires a different outlook. Try to write your content in a structured and durable manner.

Create Evergreen Design

Not every topic has shareable elements. Adding visual and various design assets can give your content a distinct edge. Evergreen design and graphics can improve shareability and pre-promotion efforts.

Evergreen Content Examples

There are different types of evergreen content. You need to be strategic in the topics you select so that the content is evergreen and relevant to your brand. Here are some useful types of evergreen articles-


How-to articles are detailed tutorials or guides that answer common questions. The article provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to complete a task.

Evergreen content examples are –

  • How to create and sell an Online Course by Pat Flynn is a popular blog. Creating and selling a course is a massive undertaking, and Pat Flynn breaks down the process comprehensively. He frequently updated to ensure the content remains valuable.
  • How to Clean Pots and Pans by Kitchen Cabinet King is a popular blog. It answers a common question asked by many homemakers. The blog is comprehensive with details on how to clean pots by material.



The checklist is a fantastic alternative to guides as it provides the information in a condensed manner. You can repurpose it easily and turn it into a slideshow presentation or downloadable .pdf format. Here are some evergreen content examples showcasing checklists are –

  • Copyblogger offers an excellent checklist for online copy.
  • Shutterfly blog on Newborn Baby Checklist is a ready list for parents.

Common Mistakes or Lessons learned

We would all prefer to learn from somebody’s mistakes than make our own. Lesson learned posts are excellent examples of evergreen content, and you can utilize this type of content to answer common questions in a particular niche. Common mistake content is a great way to personalize content while sharing valuable information.

Some evergreen content examples for common mistakes are-

  • Relevance has an excellent blog on common mistakes made by content writers.
  • Jeff Bullas addressed common mistakes in social media marketing.

Case Studies

You can frame case studies as a compelling story and is one of the most engaging and evergreen content examples. You discuss real-world scenarios with your audiences while showcasing your expertise as a subject matter expert. You can use the opportunity to give the spotlight to your customers.

Some examples of case studies are –

  • Podia uses case studies powerfully to feature their user’s success stories.


We consider listing tools and resources evergreen content because people are on the lookout for tools to improve productivity. Remember to update your list regularly as new tools are introduced into the market.

Evergreen content examples using resources are –

  • Backlinko regularly updates its SEO tools list.
  • Simply Learn content on top content marketing tools is a great evergreen content example.

Best Practices

You can showcase your expertise or use other expert advice to write best practices blog. People are keen to learn quickly, and best practices content gives concise information.

Some examples of best practices are –

  • Monster website blog on Employer Interview Guide: best practices is a popular guide for employers or managers conducting interviews.
  • Siege Media’s blog on 10 outreach practices is helpful.


In the right niche, the glossary can be an efficient way to attract audiences and prove to be a valuable resource for information. This evergreen content example can garner backlinks from bloggers and content creators. The glossary requires to be updated to include the latest terminology.

Some examples are-

  • Search Engine Journal’s Glossary of SEO terms
  • Land O Lakes’ – Complete Cooking and Baking Term Glossary

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The history of industry, service, or niche may not seem exciting but can become successful content. If you include dates, statistics, infographics, and pictures, this evergreen content example can become linked to other articles and shared on social media.

Examples of history are-

  • Social Media Today Infographics on History of Social Media is one of the best visual evergreen content examples.
  • Cern’s article on A Short History of the Web is fascinating.

Statistic Pieces

You can garner good backlinks from statistic pieces. Once it gets visibility, your content can grow steadily. Statistic Pieces can help establish your credibility as a subject matter expert.

Examples are –

  • Big Rentz – Construction Safety Statistics.
  • Perfect Keto – Keto Statistics

Answer Common Questions

There are some questions that we are asked about our business, industry, or product/service. If you are asked these questions repeatedly it is safe to assume people are Googling these questions are well.

Two evergreen content examples are-

  • Cate Rosales a blogger and blogging coach answers the question What does a blogger do all day? Cate updates the blog regularly but the question.
  • Simply Pin Media has a blog post on Complete Guide to Rich Pins on Pinterest. Simply Pin Media is a digital media agency specializing in Pinineterst.

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