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Can you have more than one PayPal account? Let’s discuss. So, PayPal is an online payment application. You can use PayPal to make an online payment and send and receive money securely and safely. It is a user-friendly platform you need to link your bank account or credit card, or debit card to your PayPal account to get started. PayPal serves as a middle-men between you and the receiver, keeping your account details secure. It is a globally used application with more than 286 million users.

Though PayPal is a user-friendly platform, it is stringent, and they can suspend your account if you violate its terms and condition. This can be a problem if you use PayPal for your business. Several people want to know,

can you have more than one PayPal account?

Yes, you can have multiple PayPal accounts, but it can be complicated to maintain from the same device.


What are multiple PayPal accounts?

PayPal allows each user to have two accounts –a personal and a business account. You can add multiple email addresses to send and receive payments. To have multiple personal accounts you need to have multiple personal details like contact details and IP addresses.

People prefer multiple PayPal business accounts for flawless functioning. You can use separate accounts for different e-commerce platforms, multiple business PayPal accounts give businesses the flexibility of accepting payments if there are problems in one of their PayPal accounts.

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Setting up multiple PayPal accounts


PayPal has a stringent policy, and your account is liable to get suspended if anything suspicious is spotted. You need to be very careful while creating multiple PayPal accounts or merging PayPal accounts. We recommend you use an Excel or Word file to input all details you use.

  1. Create multiple unique personal information
    To create multiple PayPal accounts you have to ensure different users. You need to enter unique personal entries with distinct names and addresses. You can use FakeNameGenerator to create a fake profile and can use the tool to create the first name, last name, and home address. You can proceed to copy the information in the Excel file made.
  2. Create multiple email addresses and phone number
    PayPal requires each account to have a unique registered email address and phone number. You cannot use an arbitrary email address and phone number, as you need access to the phone number and email address to verify them. You can email providers like Gmail to create multiple email addresses and install web services f like Dingtone applications on your Android or IOS phone for phone number. Keep the app on your phone for verification when required. Remember to add the details to the Excel file.
  3. Have a different IP address
    To create multiple PayPal accounts, you need a unique IP address. You cannot generate a new PayPal account from the same IP address. Your computer has a unique IP address used to identify it online. You will need to use proxies to get unique IP addresses for each account. ISP providers like BrightData offer real IP addresses, provided by internet service providers. You will be given a static IP address and not a rotating one that could potentially get your PayPal account flagged.
  4. Get a multiple-profile browser
    Each PayPal account requires separate browser profiles. You need to ensure your browser supports multiple profiles. You could use browsers like Gologin, Multigologin, and Kameleo. Multiple profile browser gives the illusion you are using different browsers when they are operating from the same application.
  5. Create an account
    You need to run each account on a separate profile. For each PayPal account, create a browser profile. Create the profile, give it a name and bind it with the IP address. Refer to your Excel sheet to avoid confusion. After the profile is set up, you can create your PayPal account. Ensure you have a separate profile for each PayPal account and fill in relevant details. You need your Dingtone app and email address handy to verify details periodically. You will need to provide PayPal with some documents for verification at a later stage. You can contact internet marketing forums like Seconddye for the same.

Benefits of Multiple PayPal


There are many advantages of multiple PayPal accounts –

  1. Quick payment receiving process – You can receive payments easily if you have multiple accounts.
  2. Ready recovery – In case of any problem with one of your business accounts, you can use your alternative PayPal account.
  3. Streamline payment receiving process – Clients can make payments easily if a business has multiple accounts. You can use separate accounts for different eCommerce websites to keep track of your accounts. It helps to increase cash flow and reduce liability.

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Disadvantages of multiple accounts


While there are advantages of having multiple accounts, there are potential drawbacks as well –

  1. Difficult to set up – Setting up multiple PayPal accounts is complicated. You need to get credentials, alternative IP addresses, and browser profiles. You will need some technical expertise to set up your account without a hitch.
  2. Monitoring multiple accounts – Monitoring your multiple PayPal accounts can be tedious. If you are not careful, you may violate the strict terms and conditions of PayPal, miss payments, or have pending transfers.
  3. Remembering credentials – To manage multiple PayPal accounts, you need to remember different credentials.

Withdrawing funds from Multiple PayPal Accounts

With a regular PayPal account, you could add your bank account and use it for withdrawal. It is illegal to create a bank account using a fake persona. There are two methods you can use to withdraw your funds –

  1. Forward the money to someone with a PayPal account to withdraw the money and send it to you.
  2. Use reputable PayPal fund buyers on BlackHatWorld or other internet marketing forums. This is a freelance service. You need to create client and seller accounts. Using these services can be complicated, and each freelance site may have different methods.

Monitoring Multiple PayPal accounts?


Managing and monitoring your multiple PayPal accounts can be daunting. There are tools like Putler that can simplify the process. These tools have high-end AI with analytical tools to monitor your PayPal account from a centralized place.


Creating multiple PayPal accounts can be complicated. You should create your account carefully, or you may lose access to them. If you follow the steps underlined above, you should be able to create multiple accounts without your account being linked or suspended.

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