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Content marketing is the heart of any digital marketing campaign, and content creation is constantly evolving. You should use present trends while working on your digital marketing campaign. Content marketing mistakes can cost you revenue, and you need to stay updated on audience preferences.

Creators often make common content marketing mistakes while creating content.

Top 10 content marketing mistakes to avoid in 2022.

1. Using the previous year’s content strategy

A mistake many creators make is not revisiting their content marketing strategy annually. Not only is content marketing dynamic, but your business requirements also change.

If a business is launching a new product in the market will have specific goals for content marketing and creation. The content will focus more on creating brand awareness and educating their audiences about the product/service, which should help generate a buzz in the market and help generate interest.


Established businesses will have a different marketing strategy and will need content to build the reputation and credibility of the brand.

You need to align your content with your present business goals. Businesses may publish content with long-term goals and content to give faster results.

You should revisit your content strategy periodically.

2. Not using data in content creation

You can be a successful marketer without data. You may work hard on content creation, but without direction, you will not be rewarded.
Sound data-driven content marketing is essential to stay ahead of the competition. Content marketing data plays an intrinsic part in your content marketing success, and

Some of the data a content marketer can use to avoid the content marketing mistakes include-

  • Market data
  • Customer data
  • Competitor data
  • User data
  • Performance data

According to the survey, more than 56% of customers want customized content. You are losing out if you are not using data in your content creation strategy and creating a targeted content for each segment.

Data helps you know your target audiences better, study your competitor’s marketing strategy, and evaluate the performance of your present content.

You can collect marketing data in several ways like market research, interview with sales staff, lead capture forms, onboarding client questionnaires, and use tools like Google Analytics and HootSuite insight.

Collecting and interpreting data is a vital part of content marketing strategy.

3. Not focusing on content collaboration for remote/hybrid setup

Many businesses have shifted to remote or hybrid work mode after the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies need to invest in good content collaboration software for a remote team to operate. Different stakeholders like content creators, editors, designers, and clients need to collaborate to produce content efficiently.


Businesses need to invest in good content collaboration software. Teams use content collaboration tools like Narrato. Narrato is content creation, collaboration, and workflow management software that helps the entire content team and process in one place. It has an AI writing assistant to help you write faster. You can share the content and give feedback with in-line comments.

You are affecting your team’s productivity if you are not using content collaboration software.

4. Not incorporating design in your content strategy

Content is no longer limited to text but includes formats ranging from infographics to video graphics. Companies should use different formats to keep their audiences engaged. Visual content adds value, attracts audiences, and helps them retain information better.

You may be educating your target audiences through a short animated video or driving your Instagram engagement. Businesses who ignore design will look dated or not invested in content creation.

You do not need to hire a graphic designer if you do not have the budget, and you can use the many free visual creation platforms to create attractive graphics without requiring much expertise.


Canva is a great tool for beginners with an extensive range of templates to create infographics, banners, or social media posts. It has a user-friendly interface and creates all your graphics with one app. You can collaborate and share your design with view and edit access.

Be sure to include a graphic design tool as a part of your content creation strategy in 2022.

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5. Not exploring newer content formats

You should avoid getting complacent and comfortable even if your content managing campaign is succeeding. Consumers today are demanding and expect more from businesses. Content is moving from written content to formats like video and podcasts.

If your brand is not generating content in the newer formats your audience base may decline. In 2019 alone, the US had 155 million podcast listeners and the numbers increase every year.

Most successful businesses and individual content creators have invested resources to create podcasts. You are missing out if you are not creating podcast content. People like to be connected with their favorite brand even when they are on the go. Content like the podcast is more convenient than written content when people are on the move.

Though written content will be a core part of your 2022 strategy, you should not forget to create other popular content formats.

6. Not focusing on quality

It is easy to give importance to quantity above quality, especially if you need to produce content quickly. You may be tempted to publish low-quality content to meet the deadline, but it is not feasible in the long run and can affect your website’s SEO.


Low-quality content will frustrate and confuse readers, and they may lose faith in your product, and you may lose business.

Ensure you produce high-quality posts – whether the content is a blog or social media posts.

7. Not knowing your customer

Your goal of creating content should not be limited to increasing traffic but to converting your readers into lifelong customers.

You need to understand your audience so that you can personalize your content. Not knowing your target customer is one of the biggest mistakes made by the content creator. You cannot tailor the content and convert your audience into customers.


You need to understand your target customer – demographics, psychology, and what interests them.

You will now be able to create content that resonates with your target group that encourages them to take action.

Focus on learning more about your audience to improve your content marketing campaign.

8. Not using social media

A common mistake made by content marketers is ignoring social media and not promoting their blogs or other content on social media.


Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook groups can give you valuable insight into your audiences. It is an excellent platform to reach out to increase the reach of your articles and interact with potential clients. Social media can help improve your visibility and brand awareness.

Social media channels should be part of your content marketing plan, such as sharing your latest blog on your social media page.

9. Over-promising results

When you are new to content marketing, you may get carried away, and over-commit. You may want to make big promises to your clients on your content about increasing their website’s organic traffic or leads.

Do not promise too much because you will disappoint your client and yourself. Concentrate on building up momentum slowly, which is a more sustainable strategy in the long run.

10. Lacking consistency and frequency in Content Marketing

It is a mistake not to post content on your website consistently and frequently. Content creators and website owners must produce high-quality content consistently. A content calendar or editorial calendar will ensure that you create and post content as per the schedule.

Try to stick to the same day while posting content. E.g. post content every Monday.

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