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Website and online business owners are always looking for an attractive landing page that speaks about their products and services. And secondly, they want to convert the users, visiting the landing page, into potential customers.

Now the big question is, “What is the best technique to generate the conversions?”

The answer to this question is to create a high conversion landing page. But then, the next dilemma that comes into the mind of the entrepreneurs and the online business owners is, how to create a high conversion landing page?

In this article, we will elaborately discuss a landing page, high conversions, and how to create a high conversion landing page that is beneficial for the owners.

What is a landing page?

image of a landing page

A landing page is a specific page in a website where the visitors are directed from various web links. The page is created for a specific purpose, mainly to focus on the company’s products or services. Normally, visitors click on various links specified in a post in some social media platform, emails, emails, web pages, PPC ads, and many more. It can also be clicking on some images or text in an article or web page.

There is an objective or a purpose behind creating a landing page. It can be for:

  • Signing up on the website
  • Subscribing to emails or newsletters
  • Reading a particular article that promotes the company’s products or services
  • Purchasing a product or service that suits the user’s needs
  • For any contributions to the website
  • Feedback or comments on any product or service
  • So in a nutshell, a landing page is created to attract the target audience and engage them to gain conversions.

Landing page builder

What is the meaning of conversions?

Whenever a visitor clicks on any of the PPC ads, links on social media posts, accesses emails, etc, and clicks on the links of your landing page, they arrive at the landing page. At the landing page, they may either be tempted to check the sign-ups or may navigate to the page for purchasing a product or service. This eventually helps in tracking down the potential customers.

In a sales flow, it’s like converting a lead into a confirmed user or buyer. Once the visitor is convinced to buy your company’s product or service, then it is considered as a conversion from a visitor or audience to a potential customer. Hence it is essential to create a landing page that can aid in generating a higher conversion rate.

The Steps to create a high conversion landing page

We will now try to understand the steps that help to create a high conversion landing page.

Step 1: Formulate the goals or objectives of your landing page

It is important to decide and finalize the goals and objectives of creating a landing page for your website or online business. This will drive the content creation and page promotion of your page or website. You need to decide which are your purposes:

  • Is it for generating leads by introducing a newsletter for circulating any blog or content?
  • Is it for increasing the customer base for your website or online business by offering free demos or trials?
  • Is it for enhancing the sales and revenue of your company’s brand, product or service?

Once you answer these questions, you will be able to proceed towards the next steps of content creation along with devising the promotional and marketing strategies.

Step 2: Find out the target audience or visitors

image of find target audience

Try to identify and analyze your target audience. Your content needs to be focused on the visitors you want in your website or use in your online business. If the content is not relevant, applicable, and relatable, then it will not be appreciated by the audience or the visitors.

Once your content is curated for the right audience, it will generate the results needed leading to a high conversion rate. This will lead to greater success, greater revenue, and a good amount of potential customers.

Step 3: Content creation

image of a camera and written content creation on it

Content creation is the most crucial process on how to create a high conversion landing page. At the end of the day, it is the content that will pull in visitors and bring in the relevant conversions. The content will help in creating an attractive landing page for bringing in more traffic and hence more visitors.

Let us discuss on some of the tips for creating highly engaging content:

  • Ensure the landing page is simple, user-friendly, convenient and easy to understand. The content must be clear, concise and without any complexities or confusion. It must be focused on the points you want to stress on. And more importantly, the content must relate or sync to the goals and objectives you have finalized and decided. Depending on the goals you want to establish, the landing pages may be long or short.
  • When you are writing or referring to your company’s product or service on your landing page, you must point out the features and the benefits clearly. Only specifying the features or only the benefits won’t help. You need to mention the features and simultaneously the pros. Besides, the pros must be contextual and appealing to the audience you want to target or relate the message.
  • Insert captivating images in your landing page for grabbing the attention of the visitors. You can check out professional templates available in the internet for generating quality images, that can be posted in the landing pages. Other than images, you can also post engaging videos in the landing pages, that are relatable and applicable. But ensure the videos are not for very long duration. They must be small, maybe not more than 2 to 3 minutes, to focus on the attention span of the visitors.
  • Including customer reviews, feedbacks and testimonials is a good practice. You must mention them on the landing page so that potential customers can have a look at them. This will provide a preliminary view of your company’s products and services and will lead to the accumulation of positive ideas and thoughts. Ensure to select the best reviews and feedbacks and display them on your landing pages.
  • Offering a guarantee is one of the best strategies for creating a high conversion landing page. For example, money back or 100% satisfaction for selling your company’s products or services. Mention them near the CTA or Call to Action messages, so that the audience or the visitors can easily notice them.

Step 4: Conclude with a strong CTA or Call to Action

image of Conclude with a strong CTA or Call to Action

Content without a CTA or Call to Action will definitely play poorly as a high conversion landing page. You have to instigate your audience to an action you want to lead them into. Ensure the words of the CTA are specified in Bold and in a slightly different font type or size so that they are noticeable. You may select a different font color. Placement of the CTA must also be thought through; using appealing and engaging words.

A recommendation is not to use dull or monotonous words as the audience may not appreciate. Your objective must be to lure the audience to click on the links or conduct the action specified in the CTA. Alternatively, you may think of using buttons or labels for highlighting the CTA. Furthermore, it should be at par with the company branding and imaging so that professionalism is maintained.

To conclude, if you want to be successful in drawing visitors to your website and want to gain faster conversions from leads to potential customers. Then focus on creating a high conversion landing page with proper analysis of your audience and objectives. Curate your content with dedicated attention to invite more audience and more traffic.

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