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Persona-driven content comes into effect. In the world of content marketing and online business, it is essential to listen to the users and potential consumers of your company’s products and services. Though there are tools and technologies to capture the demographics and characteristics of the customers, yet there are situations when you are unable to guess the behavior, sentiments, preferences, and emotions of the potential buyers.

In these kinds of situations,  the concept is crucial for driving traffic to your website or online content. Besides, it strengthens your content marketing capabilities and promotional strategies across various social media platforms as well as several marketing forums.

First and foremost it is important to understand what is a persona?

What is a persona?

A persona represents an ideal customer for a product or service or an ideal reader for your online content. It is a fictional character often referred to as an avatar.

The recommendation is to create persona-driven content as per their preferences, needs, and wants. The persona will portray the information on the content they value and also the typical challenges or risks they face.

This information and viewpoints help to create realistic and applicable content. The content can be made interesting for the readers or the users who are your target audience. The benefit of persona-driven content is that you can keep your audience focused on the brand, product, or service you want. The personas represent your target audience and their responses will replicate the feedback from the potential consumers.

The next question is, “How to create persona-driven content?” In this article, we will discuss the various steps and strategies to create persona-driven content to pull in maximum traffic.

Steps to create persona-driven content

In this section, we will exclusively discuss the 8 steps or strategies that help to create persona-driven content. The content will be based on the behavioral characteristics, preferences, interests, needs, and goals of your target audience.

Identify your audience

You need to understand who your audience is. Unless you know the audience to be targeted, you will not be able to create a persona. Perform extensive research and analysis to gather market intelligence. Check the demographics and the behavioral characteristics of your readers, users, and customers. Understand the type of content, product, or service they are interested in. Focus mostly to be acquainted with their preferences and choices coupled with their emotions and sentiments. Then only you can create persona and persona-driven content for drawing in the maximum traffic to your website or content.

Define data-driven personas

While defining buyer-personas, it is crucial to analyze the data collected and gathered during the inquiry and purchasing process of a brand, product, content, or service. As and when prospect customers connect with your company, you need to ensure the appropriate data is captured along with the behavioral characteristics and demographics. The real data will help in building a persona that is representative of your target audience. You can create persona-driven content appropriately for better engagement and driving massive traffic.

Generate value for your audience

A person will visit your website or online content, only if that generates value or potential benefits. Hence while creating persona-driven content, you need to focus on understanding whether the content will resolve a person’s needs, preferences want, or problems. You must be able to create interesting, useful, relevant, and valuable information. Value differentiators or value propositions are the key drivers for the success of your content or gaining potential customers for your company’s product or service.

Identify niche content topics

It is very essential to find out the niche content topics related to the domain or technology on which your content, brand, product, or service are based on. Not all topics generate traffic or attract an audience. A comparison study and analysis need to be conducted to find out the right and niche content. So you need to understand your person’s preferences of the niche topics. This will help to create content or blogs that are related and attract more audiences. You can imagine yourself as a persona and try to chalk out the problems or interests. Check out the topics on which your personas are more inclined to converse or focus. Select or shortlist those niche topics for creating persona-driven content.

Find out the location, platforms, and devices where your personas focus on

A very important step in creating persona-driven content is to find out the places where your personas focus on or show their interest. You can leverage Google analytics, social media analytics, or any other application to find out the details. These tools help you to find out the location from where the audience accesses the website or the content. They help to assess the social media platforms from where the users access to check the content or the company’s product or service. Besides the devices used, timezone and duration of time spent are some other key characteristics that need to be analyzed of a persona to create related content for traffic generation.

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Create use cases related to your persona

Creating a story, scenario, or use case will help in writing well-defined persona-driven content. Your target audience is interested in accurate, appropriate and complete information. The information must be applicable and relevant to them. Such information gel or resonate well with the audience and they feel to return to the website for gathering more relevant data and information. While deriving use cases or scenarios, it is crucial to understand the persona’s sentiments, emotions, behavioral characteristics, goals, and preferences.

Delivering the right content

Writing persona-driven content is one and how to deliver it to the audience is another. So you need to understand the type of content your persona is interested in. Find out the list of content from your repository which is relevant and appropriate. Deliver only those content to your target audience. Content may be relevant for a particular age group, location, gender, and many other criteria. Leverage them as per the categorization and needs. All content is not applicable or relevant to all types of personas. You need to judge your persona appropriately while delivering the right content.

Adjust your content as and when required

Preferences and interests may change and fluctuate as per the varying needs and choices of the target audience or personas. You must be flexible to bring in those changes in your content as and when required. It is better to keep provisions for such modifications. It is good to conduct frequent research and analysis on the varying preferences of consumers. This helps in bringing in the appropriate modifications in the content, thus syncing up with the demands from the target audience.

Let us now find out the benefits of creating persona-driven content.

Benefits of creating persona-driven content

image of Benefits of creating persona-driven content

  • To enable seamless, smart, and smooth communication with the target audience
  • Aid in generating sales leads and also sustain the existing customer base
  • Gather people’s attention on content, brand, company, or service
  • Spread out the promotional message uniformly in the language of the potential customers
  • Ability to target the audience as per their demographics criteria for preferred content
  • Check out the preferences, choices, interests, and needs of the target audience and deliver the right content for greater engagement
  • Understand the thought process of the consumers and accordingly create the relevant content for them
  • Persona-driven content drives traffic to your website or content
  • Your content is promoted to a greater audience with the feasibility of transforming them into confirmed customers
  • The outreach is further expanded thus gaining more traction to your content

And on the final thoughts….

Persona-driven content is a powerful mechanism to drive traffic to your website or online content. The concept is being used now extensively in content marketing or promotional activities. Creating a buyer or reader persona, understanding the preferences and choices of the persona, and writing out the content according to the analysis performed – help massively in traffic generation and also an influx in the number of visitors. So if you want to boost up the traffic to your website or content, it is advisable to follow this strategy.


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