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YouTube is popular and has emerged as a search engine. The website has over 1 billion monthly users. In 2022, users uploaded more than 500 hours of content per minute. The website generates revenue through advertisements, paid content, and Google’s AdSense program. YouTube hosts different videos in genres like music, short films, documentaries, and vlogs.

Thanks to technology creating a video and posting it on YouTube is not difficult. Getting subscribers can be more challenging. It is vital to get 1000 subscribers if you wish to monetize your videos. You need to work hard and smart.

Do not use shortcuts to trick the system. YouTube does not allow content creators to artificial increase their subscriber base. There are penalties for violating the same. In this blog, we will explore how to get FREE youtube subscribers to your Channel.

How to get Free YouTube Subscribers- 20 Great Ideas

If you have begun to start your YouTube channel, it is vital to have the basics of your channel in place. There are techniques you can use to help your subscriber base grow organically. We will break down the process into small concrete steps. Don’t tackle them all at once. Making your subscriber base grow requires diligence and patience. Here are some steps to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube for free.

1. Create compelling content

Create compelling videos for your audience. Your videos should be informative, engaging, and entertaining. The best content on YouTube is entertaining, innovative, and informative. Your videos should add value to your audience.

One of the first steps to creating compelling content is to plan the subject of your channel. Your videos need to have a structure. Writing a script will help you to organize your videos and become focused. It should cater to your target audience and contain the following details:-

  • Contain the exact words you plan to say
  • Actions you will use
  • Things you want to emphasize
  • Call of action

2. Ask your subscribers

Sometimes it is as easy as reminding your audience about subscribing to your channel. You can ask them to subscribe once at the end of your video.

Avoid reminding your audience too soon or too often. Remember to prove the benefits of subscribing to your channel.

3. Before ending your video give a teaser about future content

Subscribing to a channel is an act of anticipation. Engaging videos will make your viewers keen to watch more content. Hyping your video will encourage your audience to subscribe. Before you give a teaser, you need a game plan for the content you want to create.

4. Use a YouTube Intro and Outro

YouTube intro and Outro will help your branding and make them more entertaining. They will make your videos more professional. An engaging intro will keep your viewers glued to your video.

5. Put your audience first

New creators need to stop focusing on metrics like views, subscribers, and watch time. Concentrate on creating engaging content that adds value. Your subscriber base will grow faster if you focus on your audience. Try to have a clear idea of what you are giving your audience. This mindset will help you create quality content and interact with your audience.

6. Verify your Google account

By default, all YouTube users can upload 15-minute videos. Content creators need to verify their accounts if they want to create longer videos. Verifying your account will give you more flexibility on the content you can create. The process of verifying your account is simple. You can go to from your laptop/desktop and follow the instructions.

7. Interact with your audience to build a community

If you interact with your audience, they are more likely to continue watching your content. It is vital you respond to comments. If other content creators subscribe to your channel, follow them back. You should watch their videos and interact with them.

You need to be an active member of your channel. The comments will give you valuable feedback and provide you with new content ideas.

You can increase audience engagement through polls and gifs on the community tab. Interact with them during live streams.

8. Create effective channel branding

Channel branding helps your viewers to know who you are and what your channel is about. You can use the following to give your audience an idea:-

  • Banner art
    Your YouTube banner welcomes anyone who clicks on your channel. The viewer may have watched one video and want to view your other videos. They are potentially new subscribers. Your banner should convey where they are and why they should subscribe to your channel. Try making your banner compelling, clean, and unique. Optimize your banner for all screen sizes.
  • Channel icon
    The channel icon is your logo on YouTube. The icon appears on your channel page and if you comment on YouTube. Design your icon carefully. Your icon should represent you or your brand. The icon should be recognizable on different devices.
  • Channel description
    The channel description occurs on the about page of your YouTube channel. You have 1000 characters to describe your channel and explain the advantages of subscribing to your channel.
  • Custom URL
    YouTube gives you the option of customizing your URL. YouTube studio gives channel creators customization options in the menu. But, you need 100 subscribers before you can customize your URL.

9. Use tools

Several tools can help make great videos and promote videos. These tools can help increase your organic viewership. Some of the tools you can use are:-

  • TubeBuddy
  • Thumbnail Maker on YouTube
  • TechCrunch

10. Add customized channel trailer

YouTube has several customization options. Use these settings to feature a video on top of your channel page. The handy customization option, allows you to show one video to your existing subscriber base and another video to new viewers.

Usually, trailers are 30 to 45 seconds long. Successful content creators use trailers to introduce themselves and their channels. They explain the benefits of subscribing.

11. Brand your thumbnails

Thumbnails are 1280×720 px still images that cover your video. They are like a movie poster for your video. An attractive thumbnail can persuade someone to click your video.

They are an important component of your branding. Thumbnails need to be consistent and professional. The thumbnail should give new viewers an idea about you and your content.

To have consistency use the same fonts, color palettes, and frame composition. This will help viewers identify your channel and brand. Using a relevant thumb screen will increase the CTR (Click Through Rate).

Brand your thumbnails

Utilize the inbuilt YouTube clickable subscription tool

YouTube has in-built tools that can help convert your video watchers into subscribers.

You can use Canva for creating thumbnails, know more

12. End Screen

The end screen is the still image at end of the video. Use this image to remind your viewers to subscribe or have an insert of call of action, before YouTube moves on to the next video. You can add an end screen to your video if it is longer than 25 seconds.

You can add end screens to existing videos. The end screen is a great tool to convert subscribers from your existing content.

13. Brand watermark

This is an extra subscribe button that floats in the bottom right corner of your videos. YouTube gives you the flexibility to add the watermark any time during the video. There are various options for watermarks you can remove your existing watermark and add a new one.

14. Create PlayList

Your playlist is another great tool to increase the time people spend on your channel. Similar to NetFlix, YouTube plays your videos on a set order. Viewers do not have to click on the next video.

Your playlist is like a mini-channel.

It is an opportunity to showcase your videos. If a viewer enjoys a few videos they are likely to subscribe for more and you can get free youtube subscribers as well.

15. Showcase your content strategically on the channel page

You can use the layout tab in YouTube Studio to plan the layout of your channel. You can add 12 sections to your channel. Use the layout to showcase your best content right in the front. If new visitors get to see your best work they are more likely to subscribe to your channel.

Have a look at other channel pages to get an idea about the layout. If you are unsure which sections to include on your channel’s page. Use the popular uploads to showcase your top 12 videos. It shows the videos with the highest number of views.

16. Run a contest.

If you want to bump in engagement or your subscriber base is plateauing. You can run a YouTube contest. Choose an attractive prize that will excite your audience. Remember to ask participants to subscribe and turn on notifications.

17. Release videos on a consistent schedule

As a content creator, create quality content to keep your existing subscribers engaged and get new subscribers.

You need to produce regular content. Today subscribers have become demanding and you need to meet their demands.

Try to release your videos in a structured and timely fashion. It can be one video per week and one or two videos per month. Remember to release your videos as per this schedule.

18. Use Social media

Use Social media

You can use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to promote your content. It can be something as simple as encouraging people to visit your YouTube channel. You can post a teaser of your latest videos. You can add the video to your blog or website, remember to add a subscribe button on your blog/website as well. Provide links to the blog or website on your YouTube Channel.

Using Instagram stories is an excellent tool to show people a teaser of your videos. They can view the video on your channel by swiping up. Release teasers regularly, you can build anticipation for your content. You can use tools like HootSuite to publish your YouTube videos later.

19. Do keyword research for titles, descriptions, and hashtags

It is important to understand the keywords related to the subject matter on YouTube. This will help plan you choose your title and hashtags. It can give you other content-related ideas. You need to focus on words with high search volume and low competition scores. Here are some other tips that can help optimize your YouTube title –

  • Use keywords in the title of your videos. The keywords in the title will let Google bots know more about the content of your videos.
  • SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner help to identify the words and phrases.
  • Avoid using a very long title. Google truncates the length of the video down to 66 characters.
  • Use descriptive titles. Give the audience a sneak peek into what your video is about.
  • Try to use an engaging title. Quirky titles will have a higher rank.
  • Avoid using the word video in your title.
  • Use Meta tags, metadata can help to get your videos noticed.

Use YouTube Analytics to see what keywords are attracting your audience. You can click Traffic Source in the top menu. Click YouTube Search to list the top search driving viewers your way. Modify your titles to optimize your search results and you can earn some free youtube subscribers.

Edit your videos

You need to edit the content you publish. Ruthlessly edit it and ensure only the best content gets published. Make multiple recordings when shooting and select the best parts of the video. Avoid publishing haphazard content to meet a deadline and you will hurt your brand. There are several tutorials on editing for novices and seasoned video creators.

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20. Collaborate with other creators

Collaborate with other creators to build community. Connect with YouTube creators to collaborate to leverage each other’s audience. Your audience will need to trust your recommendation. Once you start to build an audience, they may suggest a potential collaboration. If you find someone promising reach out.

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