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Writing content for a blog or website and running a blog have two different aspects. You may be a great content writer and produce high-quality articles. But have you ever searched for How to promote your blog? Without deploying the appropriate promotional strategies you may not be able to gain adequate traffic and visitors to the website. The online marketing techniques will spur up the growth of your blog. Promotion in social media platforms may not be enough to increase the search ranking of your website or the number of website visits.

For beginners, it is very much essential to follow the step-by-step approach towards blog promotion. This article will provide a complete beginner’s guide to blog marketing and promotion.

You need to judiciously apply the techniques. In the end, the target must be to monetize your blog and convert visitors into potential customers. They can be either through advertising clicks, affiliate referrals, and product/service buyers.

In-person communication

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Send out the word for your blog to your friends and acquaintances. Share the details of your blog or website among your known people with a request to visit your blog. You may even ask them to share the blog with their social network. Though this method may not aid to gain a huge number of visitors, yet it will set out the word among your known circle. And words flow fast, so you may expect to spur up your blog visits. This is one of the oldest methods to promote your blog. It’s a slow process yet a steady way to gain followers and visitors.

Social Media Marketing

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The next tool to promote your blog is social media marketing. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are some of the powerful social media platforms. Content or blog sharing via social media is an efficient way to increase visibility and traffic. You will be able to gain more and more followers and subscribers.

But it is recommended that you develop a robust social media marketing strategy before you start with the promotion. Check for the target audience and the relevant social networks for your blog. Start engaging with the audience who can potentially be the influencers for your blog’s products and services.

As a next step, start posting your blog content or article on social media networking sites and platforms. Be consistently present on social media platforms to continue the influx of content and audience engagement. Once you connect with your target audience, you need to constantly be focused on sharing relevant blogs or articles with them. You need to convert them into potential customers for your products or services. Also, they may also turn out to be influencers and advertisers for your blog. Additionally, join different social media groups and forums in Quora, to propagate about your blog. Drop your blog or website links into those forums to gain more visitors.

Some best tools for Social Media Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Though there are different ways of digital marketing, still e-mail marketing has precedence. You can create a list of the subscribers of our blog or website and then email them. The strategy is affordable and cost-effective. The recommendation is to prepare a template for the emails. There should be an appropriate title, subject, and body specifying and focusing on the articles to lure the target audience. A message to like and comment on the articles must be specified. Request to share the content within the social network of the subscribers to gain more traffic.

Besides, do not forget to include the blog URL in the email body so that the email receivers can easily click on it. Also, include your signature in the email content with links to your different social media handles. Additionally, leverage emails to send out information about your blog to friends, family, and acquaintances.

Relationship Marketing

An innovative way to promote your blog is to build and curate relations with influencers and potential audiences. The more you develop the relation, the more you can gain trust and confidence in your blog content. People will increase the frequency of visiting your blog thereby increasing traffic.

Influencers help in promoting your blog content and connecting with your audience. So instead of directly interacting with your audience, it is good to liaise with the influencers. You can mention the work of the influencers in your blog by mentioning links. They in turn will feel grateful and promote your content in their social media networks or among their followers. You can also interview an influencer for their work and activities. Either you can post snippets of the interview in your blog or some quotes and references.

The influencers may be obliged and aid in promoting their content across social media platforms. You can even invite them for guest posting in your blog. In return, you can provide backlinks or do-follow links of the influencer’s social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) links or works in the blog or article.

The recommendation is to identify and connect with influencers who are prominent in their domain or field of expertise. But focus on high-quality content so that the influencers value your blog and feel motivated to contribute and even promote your blog.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is also one of the efficient ways to promote your blog. Check for websites that have a high ranking in search engines and of similar niche. Connect with the blog owners for contributions to their websites in the form of guest blogs. Collaborate with them so that they agree to provide backlinks to your blog or website. You can also return the same favor to the blog owners.

While guest blogging, provide quality content of your relevant niche and on topic or category for which you will be able to mention a backlink. You can also mention your author’s bio at the end of the article or guest blog with links to your various social media handles. This will increase your blog visibility as well as traffic.

You can notice the enhancement of the visitors to your traffic through the guest blogs and backlinks. Even the domain authority and page authority of your blog or website rise significantly. This will in turn increase the ranking of your blog in the search engines especially Google. Your niche gets recognition and visibility and slowly your website gains the required importance.

Blog Commenting

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Commenting on others’ blogs of similar niches is a great way to attract visitors or readers to your website or blog. The owners of other blogs will be interested to visit your website and appreciate your content or article. Ensure the comments you enter in other blogs are meaningful and related to the theme of the content. Who knows, you may receive an opportunity to write a guest blog to the websites or even receive an invitation to act as an influencer to the product or service of your online business.

You may even drop links to your website in the comments section too. This in turn will help to promote your blog faster and in a convenient way.

Paid Marketing

If you do not earn success from non-paid marketing in social media, and other networks, then it is recommended to leverage paid marketing. You can check out for advertising opportunities, sponsored content, or promoted content on social media platforms. There are several options for the same – video ads on Facebook, sponsored content on LinkedIn, promotional pins and tweets on Pinterest and Twitter respectively, and carousel ads on Instagram.

Based on your blog content niche or domain, you need to select the best option for paid marketing. Also, you need to select the best format, audio, video, or standalone message for the advertising or sponsored content. Then you need to determine the budget for the sponsorship, ads, and promotions accompanied by the costs. You need to collaborate and communicate with the social media platforms for the costs depending on the category of your blog content. Depending on your budget and affordability, you can select the appropriate promotional networks for your content.

Another option for paid marketing is search advertising. Typically when you search for any keyword, the search engines place the ads at the beginning. Its popularly known as pay per click. You need to pay a minimal fee for each click on the ad. This is one of the recommended ways to promote your blog.

Some best Online Marketing Tools

Blog Newsletter

Leveraging a blog newsletter and encouraging followers and visitors to subscribe to it is one of the recommended ways to promote your blog. In the newsletter, you can mention the prominent and featured content of your blog. Share some interesting pictures and images related to the content. Mention the author bio along with the links to your social media handles. Share the upcoming content of your blog. Talk about the genre of your blog and how it is going to benefit your target audience. It is very important to communicate the importance of your website, the unique features of your blog, and the message you want to impart from your blog.

Request for subscribing to the newsletter so that people can receive notifications of the posted content in your blog. This is one of the efficient means to draw visitors to your blog. There are ample chances of converting the visitors as your potential customers.

Ensure to design the blog newsletter using professional tools or apps. That imparts a professional touch to the newsletter. Also, create a good promotional write-up for your blog content so that readers and visitors feel interested to look through the content.

Write content on your blog for new topics

Check for trending and new topics for your blog niche or genre. People are more interested to read blogs related to such topics. You stand at a bigger chance to attract more visitors and traffic to your blog. Perform good research on the topics before you pen down the contents. Try to keep the content as interactive as possible, so as to attract the audience. This is important since you would be writing on topics that might have already gained good traction in other blogs.

You can refer to links and quotes from other websites for such topics. Backlinks to prominent websites may help provide greater visibility. Also in turn such websites or blogs return the favor in the future. So it’s a win-win situation for both.

Repurpose blog content

Repurposing blog content is another effective way to promote your blog. Old content can be modified or enhanced further to attract more audience or visitors. You can either create a podcast, Youtube video or slideshare to reach out to a greater number of people. Furthermore, you can address additional queries or requests from visitors and incorporate them into the content. FAQs can also be added to keep the content more interactive.

By following this technique you can attend to the concerns of your readers and visitors. Tracking the trending aspects of a blog and addressing them, will help in increasing the traffic to your website or blog.

Leverage SEO tools for analysis

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are robust means to track and analyze your blog’s performance. This will help to track areas of improvement and bring in the changes as displayed in the results or as suggested by the tools. You can optimize your content and blog to grab traffic. Use keywords that are ranked high in search engines. Titles must be interactive and engaging. Check the readability of the content by using short sentences and proper grammar usage. Keep on checking your blog’s ranking and ensure it never goes down. Incorporate remediations using the prominent SEO tools available in the internet.

Check out, OnPage SEO Tools

Check out, SEO-Keyword Research Tools

And Final Thoughts…

Blog promotion by applying accurate and efficient techniques and strategies is important and crucial. Increasing traffic and visitors to your website or blog will enhance its visibility. You can monetize your blog fast, spur up the domain and page authority of the blog, and rank higher up in the search engines. You can even convert visitors into potential customers thus increasing the revenue influx of your online business or blog. But ensure to include high-quality, engaging, trending, and relevant articles in your blog. You must focus on some particular niche or some two to three niches. People can then identify your blog and understand its unique aspect.

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