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Instagram  emerged in the world of social media as a photo-sharing app. But, within a span of around 10 years it has become a real hub for all kinds of business activities. It is currently serving about one billion users, which testifies what a tremendous success it has achieved.

Why Choose Instagram?

Instagram has become a reliable social media platform for marketers over the years. They have used it to reach their target audience in an effective way. In Instagram, visuals, like images and stories, are given priority. You can catch the attention of customers by making engaging posts about your services and products. The increased amount of visibility can boost your sales and make customers aware of your brand.

Things to Remember about Instagram Marketing Tools

There are millions of marketers who are using Instagram for business purposes. From building strong Instagram strategy to ensuring engagement of the target audience marketing on Instagram are not a child’s play.

Incidentally, there are a lot of beginners who have shifted their business on Instagram during the pandemic. But once they had no clue how to move forward.

Don’t worry.
From this post, you will get some of the Incredible Instagram Marketing Tools

20 Incredible Instagram Marketing Tools

It may seem to be an enormous task. If you address each issue manually, it will take a huge amount of time and effort. You may lose interest to work as well. However, marketers find Instagram extremely useful for social media marketing. To make their marketing efforts count, marketers have been using a few outstanding tools.


Instagram Marketing Tools

</centerThese tools range from scheduling posts at the right time to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns with insights. This post is written to familiarize you with the top 20 Instagram Marketing Tools with the hope that these will help you create brand awareness and grow your visibility.
1. Plann
2. IconSquare
3. Ingrammer
4. Buffer
5. Rightag
6. Unfold
8. ShortStack
9. Later
10. Shorby
11. Crowdfire
12. Repost
13. Kicksta
14. SkedSocial
15. Combin
16. Awario
17. Influencer DB
18. Social Rank
19. Sprout Social
20. Hootsuite
Let’s find out more about these Instagram Marketing tools.

1. Plann

Plann is one of the most popular Instagram marketing tools and has the potential to be a part of your success story. By using this social media management tool, you can impeccably schedule your post and stories. Its visual planner and scheduler are outstanding. So, you have all the freedom to schedule and analyze your Instagram content.

Plann Features

• interesting data to be provided on best performing hashtags to your best-performing color schemes.
• helpful for understanding about your strengths and analyzing your competitors’ posts, themes, color palettes, and hashtags.
• reports on engagement rates, follower growth and higher conversion sales to be shown
• to work as a collaborator enabling you to can run your Instagram account with other marketers
Pro Tip: You will be surprised to know that you can create and edit the Instagram grid with this tool. It is useful to edit images with filters, borders, overlays and text overlay tools.

2. Iconosquare

Run your next Instagram campaign with Iconosquare. It has been operating since 2011. Iconosquare is a highly recommended Instagram marketing tool because you can get an idea about how your audience is interacting with your posts and stories. Monitoring engagement in real-time with Iconosquare is possible. Like many other Instagram tools, you can plan and schedule your posts in advance. Moreover, you can track analytics too.

Iconosquare Features

• ‘Conversations’ being a tool allowing you to know who are saying about your posts
• analytics of Iconsqaure being powerful enough to tell you about those not having followed your post
• custom feeds created to track influencers in a specific industry
• able to upload images in bulk from Dropbox or One Drive
• used images being tagged enabling risk-free uploading without any fear of duplication
Pro Tip: Tracking of influential profile and post has made this tool worthwhile.

3. Ingramer

Ingramer is designed for promotion. It is one of the most popular Instagram marketing tools that takes help of a smart AI-based system to drive potential clients or followers to your account via targeting. Its scheduler stands out because it comes with the feature “Auto-updated description.”. You will get competitor analysis as well. You will be able to add multiple social profiles for different companies and brands and control them efficiently from one dashboard.

Ingramer Features

• Equipped with a CRM for Instagram
• Capable of saving data about clients in the Direct Module
• auto messaging feature also available
• User tagging and first comment scheduler being helpful to handle your account and business like a pro.
• other useful tools, like Hashtag Generator, Font Generator should be explored
Pro Tip The contents can be downloaded for offline viewing. There is also an Instagram Feed Preview option.

4. Buffer

Buffer has won the trust of 75000 brands and businesses. Buffer has served publishers, non-profit, higher education, sports team. On the other hand, mid-stage startup team, solopreneurs, business and enterprises have used Buffer successfully. Are you wondering how Buffer has become a prominent tool? Buffer comes as a handy tool to repost content without taking a screenshot, cropping the images and writing captions. By using Buffer, users can repost their content in Instagram.
You can create custom reports by adding metrics and charts from multiple social channels. The reports will be automatically updated. In addition, you can capture the attention of the audience by commenting first on the posts.

Buffer Features

• your logo, title and description can be added to each report.
• gain the ability to download reports as PDFs and charts as images.
• by using the shop grid feature, traffic and sales to be driven to your shop from your Instagram bio.
• highly user-friendly
• scopes to create drafts, get feedback and refine content as a team
Pro Tip
Before publishing the posts, you can review the posts. With Buffer, you can manage and share access to each social media account and create a preset publishing schedule for each social account. In the Calendar, get a view of all the content you have lined up.

5. Ritetag

The users of Instagram know the importance of hashtags to find different kinds of posts. Imagine a tool that can instantly provide you with you a list of hashtag recommendations. This tool’s suggestions are more relable and effective because it is based on real-time hashtag engagement. RiteTag does this for you. It is operating since 2012. It is a valuable tool because you can find hashtags in 28 languages.
Ritetag functions in the following manner. If you right-click on any image or text, you will find the following colors.
Green: Green is used to get views now.
Blue: Blue is used with the hashtags that can be seenover a long period of time.
Grey: Hashtags that are shown in grey are less followed by people.
Red: Unusable hashtags are shown with red color.

Ritetag Features

• Easily integrate Ritetag with Instagram scheduling tools
• capable of operating on both desktop and mobile.
• easy to use
Pro tip
You will get hash tag suggestions for both images and texts. These hashtags can be grouped to make comparisons easily.

6. Unfold

Tell your stories on Instagram with Unfold It allows you to create stunning and appealing stories with easy-to-use templates. You can choose from over 150 templates and customize them. It lets you customize, save, share, and edit your templates to re-use them. Celebrities, like Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, and brands like Forbes, CBS have used Unfold successfully.

Unfold Features

• Edit photos and videos with filters and effects
• provision to add different kinds of fonts to the texts
• opportunities to create stories across other social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat
Pro Tip
Unsplash is integrated with this too. You can use the stock images in the stories.


VSCO is a popular photo editing tool among the users of Instagram. We understand the importance of images for Instagram. With VSCO, you can play with your images. You can edit the images to change saturation. You can highlight them too. Image properties, namely temperature and vignette can be modified. The filters are ready to use. You can add dimensions and tones to the images and make them unique.

VSCO Features

• fix the overall tone and white balance of the images
• ability to change skin tone in pictures
• scopes to add shadows and highlights to make images dramatic
• capable of sending messages directly to customers
Pro Tip VSCO has hold its position in this list because it offers fantastic filters. 10 of them are free when you download the app. On the other hand, you can buy and use advanced filters of Kodak, Agfu and fuzi.

8. ShortStack Instagram

it is a popular platform for contests and campaigns. Creating interactive contests is real fun with ShortStack. You can heighten the exposure of your products and services by creating Instagram contests to show user- generated content (UGC) and interact with the audience constantly. Moreover, it can generate leads. It means that after creating the contests, you can easily connect with the participants through email.

ShortStack Instagram Features

• Generate unique quizzes, contest landing pages with customizable templates.
• tracking the results of the contests
• running social contests and giveaways
• instantaneous pulling of all the comments made on the Instagram posts and then using them randomly to draw one or multiple winners
Pro Tip
All the related works of a contest like form building, forms management, blind judging, awards management etc can be done by ShortStack.

9. Later

Many marketers have used Later for scheduling posts. Initially, in 2014, it was a scheduling app. Now, you can use this tool for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Later is a valuable partner of Instagram. Later’s goal is to simplify Instagram marketing and make it available to all business. If you purchase the paid plans, you can access to Instagram analytics to check follower growth and engagement. All images, videos, stories or carousel posts can be set in the schedule. However, for scheduling videos and stories you have to go for premium plans.

Later Features

• Later’s calendar helps you to keep the posts organized. You can hold the audience’s attention by creating eye-catching visual content.
• having abundant storage facility to upload media files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox
• finding and reposting the content generated by users.
• offering scopes to each account to develop a library for saving content after browsing profiles
• Unsplash being a built-in feature so get the chance to use able to stock images
Pro Tip
Later automatically adds creator attribution. As a result, you can give proper acknowledgement each time.

10. Shorby

In Instagram, it is difficult to add bio links. To solve this problem, you can take the help of Shorby. Shorby is used to generate a micro-landing page or Smart Page that can be used as your Instagram bio link. It is possible to create mobile responsive Smart pages within a few minutes with Shorby.
Creating an optimized link profile to drive traffic to your website and social networks from Instagram has never been this easy. You can gather all the links you want the visitors to see and visit and add the Smart page link to the Instagram bio. This could be any link, from blogs to your product pages. Then your followers can easily access the links through the Instagram bio.

Shorby Features

• View analytics
• user-friendly
• having Messenger Link feature
Pro Tips: There are many users of Instagram who use this platform for lead generation.

11. Crowdfire

It will be a mistake to think that Crowdfire can only be integrated to Instagram. It also can be linked with WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and many other platforms. It is suitable for social media managers, agencies, brands, individuals, enterprises and startups to drive social media engagement and growth.

Crowdfire Features

• can automatically find and recommend articles and images and the best time to post them, which is its best feature.
• publishing of content and curation of content, article and image
• hashtags recommended by Crowdfire can be used
Pro Tip Crowdfire also has strong tools to monitor your post and show analytics. To carry out a social campaign, the reports on your performance are required.

12. Repost

If you work with user-generated content you will find Repost as a useful tool. As the name suggests, you can take help of this tool to repost the content on your feed.
Simply repost the selected content either from Instagram or the Repost App. Copy the caption and tags of the post. Repost has got the facility to add or remove watermark to indicate which post is original.

Repost Features

• This app can access your camera. You can try the collage option to experiment with your images.
• ideal to use at the time of running campaigns
• providing efficiency and also ease the content
• handling marketing and sharing activities

13. Kicksta

Getting followers on Instagram is tough. But I can tell you that there is a tool that will get you new followers. No more going manually to like the accounts of potential followers is required. In this case Kicksta can be of great help, particularly in respect of saving time. Kicksta has helped 10,000 brands and influencers to get recognition. There will be no more spam accounts but only real audiences to grow your business. You can make authentic connections. Getting higher number of organic followers is easy too. You can automatically engage with the clients who are most likely to follow your brand.
Kicksta shows the performance of hashtags and targeted profiles as well. The performance is shown in little bar graphs beside each target. Thus, you will instantly know which hashtags are performing well and which ones are poor.

Kicksta Features

• creation of the list of competitors, complementary brands, and influencers in your niche
• all information about your competitors’ likes and shares provided
Pro Tip
Kicksta will like the posts of people who follow profiles similar to yours on your behalf. Keep on adding relevant profiles and the rest will be handled by this tool. Kicksta is a useful tool because there will be no ghost followers.

14. Sked Social

Sked Social has become a trendy Instagram marketing tool that enables direct publishing. You do not need to set reminders to notify you about the posts. Sked Social will automatically publish image, video and stories in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My business account. Sked Social is a great collaboration tool because multiple users can help you to schedule and post your content.

Sked Social Features

• product link added to your “shop link” in the bio by using the link in bio tool
• workload reduced by the Instagram Analytics and Hashtag Analytics features
• support and security features added to each package
Pro Tip People can easily upload photos and videos from the web in bulk. For example, you can create your post in Canva and upload it from there to Sked Social.

15. Combin

In your marketing strategy, you will be keen to promote your brand to those who are likely to have an interest in it. That may appear to be a challenge. Besides, it is always going to be a daunting task to find loyal followers who are already interested in accounts similar to yours. Combin helps you to identify and prioritize the accounts most likely to become your loyal followers.

Combin Features

• while running a local business advantage offered of Combin to filter accounts by locations
• Instagram audience quality checked
• accounts unfollowed as well
• efforts made to find Target audience and influencers.
Pro Tip
Manage multiple accounts at once. You can create 15 Instagram accounts from the same computer.

16. Awario

Are you looking to track brand mentions? In this case, Awario will be the right tool for you. Brand mentions provide you with an opportunity to get yourself connected with your customers. In Instagram, people might not tag your brand while talking about it. Awario is the tool that can find out these untagged mentions. Besides, you will get a detailed analysis of the mention. Awario’s features are exceptional. It is used among marketers as a social listening tool. With Awario, you can monitor conversations about your particular industry.

Awario Features

• in-depth personalized report on your engagement opportunities made
• thus turning helpful to set unique marketing strategy
• right keywords related to your industry evolved to make perfect hashtags for Instagram.
• configurable alerts sent
• influencer tracking and impact management being very beneficial to keep its users ahead of others
Pro Tip You will not find a tool that can do sentiment analysis. Find out if the brand mention is positive, negative or neutral.

17. Aspire IQ

Instagram is always associated with influencers. It becomes a problem at times to find the right influencers to promote your brand. In this case, you can take help of Aspire IQ. It will surely come to your help.
Aspire IQ is an influencer discovery tool. It shows you Instagram influencers in your industry based on a chosen keywords, topics and hashtags. You can access 500000 influencers’ profiles. You can utilize the quick match option to search influencers based on your preference.

Aspire IQ Features
• Follow the Watch List feature to monitor your competitors. Doing research to make a list of your favourite influencers is easy.
• influencers marked as favourites
• time saved as a result and scopes created to come back later
• payment tracking feature available
• campaigns successfully managed

Pro Tip - Aspire IQ is a great tool for influencer discovery and influencer relationship management.

18. Social Rank

Social Rank has got robust features to help marketers collect and analyse data. Categorize and filter your followers based on different criteria. You can also find influencers for your campaigns. It can support all businesses irrespective its size, whether large or small. Comparison of different accounts by using market intelligence is possible.

Social Rank Features

• a Summary page is included.
• customized marketing campaigns created and run for a target audience
• splendid filters available to make the images catchy
• scopes to export collected data to a PDF or CSV
• ability to send personalized messages to groups at once achieved
Pro Tip You can depend on Social Rank to promote marketing campaigns.

19. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another interesting tool. It has earned the recognition and trust of 25000 brands globally. Sprout Social is in demand because it makes managing multiple social platforms easy. You can craft both paid and organic campaigns. Sprout Social also analyses your marketing strategy and actions. When working with Sprout Social, you can ensure your Instagram posts can align with your brand and meet the quality standards with splendid editing tools. It is fully equipped with highly advanced tools like Smart Inbox, Bot Builder and Viral Post to communicate with your customers anytime.

Sprout Social Features

Sprout Social’s team collaboration features are amazing. For example, there is an audit trail by which you can track messages easily.
• reports on your analytics, particularly Engagement Report and Instagram Profiles Report provided
• brand loyalty with a social CRM toolset can be fostered
• brand loyalty is helpful to engage with customers personally
• user-generated content reposted
• ability to operate in both Android and iOS
Pro Tip
The visual publishing calendar has got titles, images or thumbnails of videos to keep you organized.

20. Hootsuite

With 18 million users worldwide, Hootsuite has made its mark in the market. Hootsuite makes it easy to work on multiple Instagram business accounts. As a result, you can plan and execute your marketing campaigns with flexibility. It is a helpful tool in tracking matrices, followers, posts, and weekly activities as well. Measuring the impact of your social media campaigns is possible through comprehensive reporting. Furthermore, you can also measure conversions by social channel and separate ROI between paid and owned media.

Hootsuite Features

• keyword Filtering and Tracking possible
• tracking both Conversion and Analytics also possible
• users’ competitions monitored
Pro Tip
Hootsuite is easy to use. The dashboard is fully equipped with advanced features.

This list of super convenient Instagram marketing tools will help you to understand your audience, develop engaging content and keep them in a pipeline. The tools ensure your Instagram posts goes out on schedule. Each of them has been used by millions of users to support their marketing endeavours and boost business.

It would be best if you had a well defined Instagram strategy. You should first ascertain those who are going to be your target audience. In this case, you should rather make a list of potential customers. Next, set goals according to your needs. You need to find out what you want to accomplish with your Instagram posts. You need to determine and set plans for engagement, conversion and building awareness. As you learn more about your audience, you will understand the best time to publish content. You have to take the trouble to make engaging content and optimize them. Constantly interact with your audience. Track your stories and posts to modify and reach your audience. Keep in mind that the cycle of your action plan will include these steps.

In this article, the challenges of using Instagram that the users may face have been identified and means to address them have been suggested. Using the various marketing tools mentioned above, you can expect to run your business with greater success.

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