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Instagram is a widely popular platform with around one billion monthly users. It is becoming very common for modern entrepreneurs to sell on Instagram. From big brands to small businesses, a lot of businesses are driving results with Instagram. If you have not started using Instagram to sell your products, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

With Instagram clearly becoming a major player in the e-commerce field, selling on Instagram is the next best idea. Learning how to sell on Instagram might be daunting at first, but with the right information in hand, you’ll soon be able to attract more customers. Figuring out what method works best for your business might take some time. To make your lives easier, here are ten proven tips to help you sell on Instagram and make money:

1. Create a Well-crafted Business Profile

This is the first step to follow if you want to sell on Instagram and make money. If you haven’t switched to a business profile yet, it’s time that you make the switch. Business profile gives users access to indispensable selling and reposting options. A typical business profile must include:

  • Profile Photo
    Pick a photo that makes it easy for customers to recognize your brand. It could be either your logo or a well-known face from your company. Make sure that the profile photo is clearly visible.
  • Well-crafted Bio
    Your Instagram bio should be clearly written so that the audience understands exactly what you are offering. It is the most important part of the profile that must be used wisely.
  • Relevant Links
    The URL section of your bio is the only place where you can add a clickable link to your Instagram profile, make sure you are using it to your benefit. This is the place to drive traffic from Instagram to your website. It would also help you track individual visits to your website from Instagram. This section also serves as a CTA button for visitors.

Business profile users can also look at useful data under the Instagram Insights section. It includes important metrics such as profile visits, website clicks, reach, and impressions. All super useful information for you to build future action plans for your Instagram strategy.

2. Make use of Instagram Ads to Reach your Target Audience

Instagram ads are critical to Instagram marketing strategies for businesses. With the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, it is the one thing that helps sell on Instagram and make money. Once your business profile is in place, you can set aside a budget to be used for Instagram ad marketing. While creating an Instagram ad, users are allowed to pick where they’d like their ads to be seen, choose their target audience, and for how long the ad should run.

Amongst the wide variety of targeting options provided by Instagram, you can choose the one that suits you and your business the best. While for new businesses, Instagram ad marketing might seem confusing, it is as easy as hitting the promote button on the post you would like to market. Make sure that the post you are advertising must clearly explains how to make the purchase.

3. Sell Products Through Instagram Story Ads

Advertising in stories is yet another brand opportunity that businesses can use to sell on Instagram and make money. These ads pop up on the screens of users while they are scrolling through Instagram stories of accounts you follow. Instagram story ads can make a large impact on potential customers. The CTA at the bottom of these ads can help drive traffic to your website.

Instagram ads give you a choice to either advertise a video or a photo. No matter what you decide to choose, make sure that the first picture catches the attention of the audience. Instagram stories are a great way to connect with your followers on a daily basis, make sure you’re not missing out on this amazing opportunity. Use these full-screen ads to target audiences that are more likely to be interested in your business.

4. Be Very Clear of What You Are Selling

It is important that anyone who visits your website understands what you are selling. Make sure that your bio is able to convey to the audience about the product you are selling. Another great way is to talk about your products in post captions. Ambiguous accounts can confuse people and they might not stay with you for long. Even while creating Instagram ads make sure you pick a post that explains clearly about your brand and your products. People do not appreciate mixed signals.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

Once you have mastered the art of the hashtag, it can be great for putting your brand in front of potentially millions of people. However, it is important not to use too many hashtags in your posts cause it might end up making your post look spammy and low-effort. Instead, try to focus on a couple of handfuls of highly trafficked hashtags. Take care while picking your hashtags, ensure that people finding your posts are part of your target demographic.

One simple trick to sell on Instagram and make money is finding great hashtags by looking into the ones used by businesses in your niche. Try to find hashtags that are used by businesses and receive a lot of attention. Don’t pick up hashtags that are used too much or else there is a chance that your post will get buried amongst the many posts.

Hashtag Finding tool

6. Think of Great Captions

Nailing the right caption is absolutely integral to sell on Instagram and make money. A compelling image with a weak caption might affect your post results negatively. This is an area that you must pay attention to while posting content on Instagram. Write a caption that creates value for your audience and something that they can relate to. Secondly, captions can serve as a call to action. You can encourage people to visit your site, check out your new product launch, make a purchase, etc.

Try to make your captions more readable by using emojis and spaces. Make sure that your caption is neither too long nor too short. A healthy balance is a key to attract more users. Captions can be a place for product descriptions and sharing more information about your brand. Often use your caption to engage with the audience by asking them questions.

7. Use Instagram Reels for Brand Awareness

Instagram reels are the secret to viral growth on Instagram right now. It is a tool to sell on Instagram and make money. Landing the perfect Instagram reels strategy and knowing how to use the different editing features is no child’s play. There are several tutorials online that can help you understand how to make an engaging reel. It is important to stay up to date by creating trending reels. Make sure your reels are entertaining, inspiring, high-quality, creative, and contain relevant music.

Let us look at the three ways you can use Reels in your Instagram marketing strategy,

  • Create Authentic Content
    Reels help businesses show a more human side of themselves instead of a picture-perfect persona. It is important that your reels are true to your brand values and your brand voice.
  • Share Educational Content
    The teaching staff is a great way to start making – give your followers the top 5 travel tips, show them how to use your products in different ways, teach them how to get a perfect photo, etc.
  • Showcase Products
    Businesses can showcase their products and tag them directly in Reels. The addition of shoppable products is a great way to bring some traffic to your IG shop and business.

8. Use Instagram Shopping Feature

Instagram shopping feature gives users an opportunity to tag products directly in the post. This way customers can get easy access to product details and pricing without having to visit the website. There are several benefits of Instagram shopping feature and here is why it can help you sell on Instagram and make money:

  • The Insights tab helps you see how your post is doing
  • In each Instagram post, you can add up to 5 products
  • Customers can tap on “shop now” to visit the website and make a purchase
  • Customers get to explore products with a single tap

9. Partner With Influencers

image of three models and some random text wriitten on it with heading of partner with influencer

Instagram collaborations play an important part these days to sell on Instagram and make money. People have stopped trusting advertisements and are more inclined to trust real people. Which has made influencer marketing, the fastest growing customer-acquisition method. Influencer marketing is great for reaching out to your target audience. It is comparatively cheaper than traditional media and helps your brand gain trust.

To reach out to influencers, it is important to first identify an Instagram influencer who resonates with your target audience. Decide the number of posts and stories you would want the influencer to post and the frequency. Final step is to establish a deal and wait for the results.

10. Gain Trust

To sell on Instagram and make money, your audience must trust you and your brand. To establish trust, Show your audience behind the scenes – as a business show your audience how your product is being made, as a creator show the process behind your work, etc. People trust more in a brand that lets them in behind the scenes and helps them understand how it all works.

Another way to gain the trust of your followers is by sharing audience reviews and testimonials with your audience. If anyone makes a purchase and they feel value in your product, ask them to share it with everyone.


It might take some time for you to build a perfect Instagram strategy that works for your brand but tills then following these ten tips will help you reach your goals a lot faster. To sell on Instagram and make money, it is crucial for you to build a trustworthy and powerful brand. It might not happen instantly but the benefits you will get are long-lasting. The revenue you can generate from Instagram is enormous and if you haven’t started using Instagram to its full potential, it is time for you and your business to do so now.

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