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Social media platforms are booming with activities in the modern era. There is tremendous competition to strive high on the ladder and gain adequate views and engagements. Companies and firms are realizing the value of social media presence and on a constant vigor to promote their products and services on the platforms. But then how to gain precedence, recognition, and visibility of the audience and the potential customers.

The answer to this question is, “Social media cards”.

Social media cards have helped online businesses, individual entrepreneurs, and social media managers in designing their content for better views, clicks, and interactions. But we try to understand the tips, tricks, and secrets of creating click-worthy social media cards. Let’s try to first understand the meaning of social media cards, their benefits, and the various techniques of creating social media cards.

What is a social media card?


A social media card is a methodology to display content on social media platforms as per a particular design. The content essentially involves the photo or image, the title, and the elaborated description. Before posting the content, you can check out the preview of the post as it is supposed to appear in your newsfeed. The social media cards help in increasing engagements, views, and clicks to your website. When users click on the social media cards, they are directed to the website or link which you have mentioned or referred to in the card.

The Benefits of using a social media card


Here are some of the key benefits of using a social media card:

  • Uplifts the status of your brand or service. You can decide how you want to visually present your brand design in front of your customers. Thus it leads to upliftment of your brands and increases the visibility as well as market presence.
  • Increases the engagement percentage and rate of the content posted on the social media platforms. Social media cards help in attracting an audience and may help in gaining potential customers.
  • Boosts up website visits. You can refer to your website link on the social media cards. Thus the clicks, visits, and engagements to your website magnify.
  • Social media cards help to select exclusive designs which will enable them to stand the competition.

Steps to create social media cards


Let’s understand in brief the steps to create social media cards:

  1. Select a tool for graphic design – It is highly recommended to create social media cards using a professional graphic design tool. You can even design the cards through your innovative ideas too. The best tools available online for designing elegant and artistic social media cards are Any image, Canva, or Photoshop. These are proven ones and popular among professionals. In Any image, you just need to upload the photo and its inherent embedded features will help to design the card available for use.
  2. Utilize templates for design – It is good to use templates if you are designing social media cards by yourself. The templates act as a starting point and you can then add your innovative ideas for further enhancement.
  3. Decide on the design integrities – You need to design the cards in such a way it’s unique and different from that of your competitors. Then only you can create a difference among the audience and stand a chance to increase your customer base.
  4. Decide on a proper title and description – Your audience will be interested in the title and decide immediately on viewing the content. You must also provide an appropriate description for the audience to understand the intention, purpose, and essence of the content.
  5. Select an appropriate and relevant image – The image selected must be related to the content. The audience must be able to appreciate the image and be lured to watch the content.
  6. Finalize the social media card – Once you select the template, design, title, description, and image convincingly, then finalize the social media card for usage in the content.

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5 secrets and tips for creating click-worthy social media cards

The social media cards need to be designed in such a way that they are click-worthy and interesting. You can either use a graphics design or just an image for uplifting the branding through the social media cards. Let us now focus on the tips for creating relevant and attractive social media cards.

Create professional branded images

The images or graphics selected for social media cards must be professional and with a tag of brand embedded into it. Else you cannot stand ahead in the competition and create a difference in the thought process and mindset of the audience, subsequently the potential customers. By using branded content and images, the users will be able to connect to the products and services of your company or online business. Also, the tagline is important in the images, portraying the message to be imparted to the brands.

Select interactive images

Just placing an image for the content on the social media card may not be enough. It must be interactive, engaging, and proclaim some value to the audience. People must spend ample time checking your content and not just scroll away fast. The image in content is the first step towards attracting customers to your social media content. Many of the tools provide some interesting and interactive graphics to select from. But then if you are not using them, and designing the social media cards yourself or even just uploading an image then you need to seriously think of innovative ideas to interact with the customers.

Usage of graphics

Graphics are one of the efficient ways to be competitive and increase visibility. They can speak about the content in a single image and grab the attention of the audience. This incentivizes the readers to look through the content in detail. Hence you can expect an increase in the number of visits, clicks, and engagements to your website. And there are ample chances of conversion of the audience to potential customers.

Impart an interesting and engrossing message

The message you impart to your audience through the social media card must be interesting, compelling, and engrossing. Then only you can gain customers for your company’s products or services. You can think of creating a story or comic strips for engaging and interacting with the audience. This may help to create a significant difference in the mindset of the people.

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Create unique and differentiable content

The content of the social media card needs to be unique. It should differentiate the content from those of the competitors. A common image does not create any significant impact on the mindset of the audience. Whereas if you create an image that has a certain percentage of innovative thought process, then the views, clicks, and engagements will spur up.

On the Final Thoughts….

Social media cards bring sophistication to the content posted on social media platforms. They help in the visual branding of your company’s products and services. Usage of social media cards is very effective in the promotion of your brands. The popularity of the cards is rising significantly due to its immense benefits for brand visibility. So if you are looking for faster promotion of your business, then you must leverage the powerful features of social media cards.




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