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Twitter is a social media platform that has the immense potential to boost up traffic to your website. But to avail of its features, you need to identify and discover the Twitter marketing tools and utilize them judiciously. Currently, there are more than 320 million people who use Twitter every month. Many small, mid-size, and online business owners rely on Twitter for better engagement with potential customers and earn buyers. As per the social media statistics, about 75% of marketers are said to be active on Twitter.

The question is, “What are the compelling twitter marketing tools to be used for targeting the appropriate audience?”

In this article, we will discuss the tools and how they can be used to gain visibility as well as assist in creating promotional strategies for the products and services of a company. You need to analyze your needs and leverage the Twitter marketing tools to your advantage.

1. Agorapulse

image of Agorapulse

Agorapulse is one of the most prominent Twitter marketing tools. It’s easy to use and affordable too. The tool helps in engaging with your followers on Twitter, gaining more connections, and connecting with potential audiences or customers.

Its key features include saved searches, options for scheduling and queueing, hashtag analysis, actionable insights, and customized labels. The interface of the tool is intuitive and user-friendly. The reports generated by the tool are detailed. The tool is mobile-friendly too. Google chrome extension of the tool is also available.

There are pricing plans available – Medium plan for USD 79 per month, Large plan for USD 159 per month, X-Large plan for USD 239 per month, and Enterprise plan for USD 399 per month.

2. SocialPilot

image of socialpilot

SocialPilot is one of the best Twitter marketing tools, widely used on many social media platforms. It is quite a reliable and secure tool to be used for your business. Its key feature includes hashtag analysis, Twitter mentions analysis, analysis of audience engagement and many more. Besides, it aids in curating content relevant to your niche and domain. It helps in mentioning and tagging other Twitter profiles for increasing your content reach and engagement.

Furthermore, it has a powerful analytics tool that performs a detailed in-depth analysis of the engagement and content reach. You can manage your Twitter account and schedule the content within the tool. In one tool, you can perform multiple tasks – curate your content, schedule your content, check the analytics and introduce improvisations as well as promotional strategies.

The tool has 4 pricing plans available – Professional for USD 30 per month, Small Team for USD 50 per month, Studio for USD 100 per month, and Agency for USD 150 per month.

3. SocialRank

SocialRank, acquired by Trufan, is one of the popular Twitter marketing tools providing efficient online service. It helps to identify, manage, plan, and organize the followers and engagement of your Twitter account. It aids and equips you with the ability to segment, categorize and filter your followers as per the hashtags, engagement, interests, as per SocialRank’s product empowers their users to segment and filter their followers based on location, interests, bio keywords, hashtags, influence, engagement, and more.

The tool has a powerful feature to perform competitive and promotional analyses. This capability assists companies in devising their marketing strategies and techniques. Many users have gained influencers for their products and services by reaching out to their followers by utilizing the services of SocialRank.

There are 3 pricing plans available for the tool. The first one is a demo plan which is free. The second one is a Pro Plan priced at USD 199 per month. The third one is an Enterprise plan, the price of which is negotiated and contracted with large business enterprises depending on their requirements and needs.

4. Tweepi

image of tweepi

Tweepi is another one of the reliable Twitter marketing tools by which you can surely gain a lot more engagements, followers, and audience. It ensures that your followers engage and interact with your content or your profile on a regular basis.

The tool employs powerful digital technologies for engaging with your followers. Its technology is driven by artificial intelligence, the latest in the digital marketing domain. The advanced features of the tool spur up the engagement rate and traffic influx. You need to set up your account and mention the hashtags, users, and competitors which you want to analyze and track. The tool studies and researches the tags and users and determines which are relevant and useful or engaged.

Tweepi offers two pricing plans – A silver plan which is priced at USD 12.99 per month and a Platinum plan which is priced at USD 24.99 per month.

5. TweetReach

TweetReach is one of the powerful Twitter marketing tools. It is good for measuring the performance and engagement rate of your content posted on Twitter. Check with content, hashtags, users, and URLs are better for you to increase the visibility and traffic. The tool also has an analytical feature to perform detailed competitive analysis. You can track the brands which are trending and leading in the niche which you want to focus on.

The analytics and performance measurement are performed by Union Metrics, embedded into the tool. Through the metrics, you can evaluate future performance by developing standard benchmarks. Additionally, you can discover new accounts to engage within your niche community. Identify the influencers and amplifiers who can help to magnify the reach and audience.

The tool offers 3 pricing plans – Social Manager monthly plan for USD 49, Social Marketer monthly plan for USD 99, and Marketing Team monthly plan for USD 199.

6. Tweepsmap

image of tweepsmap

Tweepsmap is one of the efficient Twitter marketing tools which empowers the users to track all activities in Twitter through its robust dashboard features. You can curate and schedule the posts on Twitter using the tool. The tool has powerful analytical features and metrics to measure the engagement rate and performance of the content.

The tool helps to gain knowledge about your followers, potential target audience along with their interests and demographics. You can deploy effective marketing decisions and appropriate promotional strategies for gaining the required traffic and engagement. Besides the tool helps you to judge which is the correct time to post the content. For that, you can check out the graphical display of audience engagement. Post during the peak hours when your followers or influencers are mostly active.

Tweepsmap has a free plan with certain basic features. For advanced features, you can avail of its premium plans – Starter plan for monthly USD 14, Growth plan for monthly USD 29, Advanced plan for monthly USD 49, and Enterprise plan for USD 149 per month.

7. GroupTweet

image of grouptweet

GroupTweet enables multiple users to tweet from a single account. The account can be of a company, school or university, or any other team related to varied professions. It is considered as one of the effective Twitter marketing tools for checking the detailed performance of the content.

Leveraging the tool, you can schedule your content or tweets and analyze the engagement on the tweets. You can add contributors to the account to encourage the posting of more content related to the genre or niche. The contributors can be provided access to the group without sharing passwords. It enables communication within

Twitter groups privately. Through its analytics platform, you can check which of the contributors are sending out the most engaging tweets. There are reports which you can download and check the results including the participation rate of contributors. Once the contributors use the keywords or hashtags defined in the group settings, then the tool automatically helps to re-tweet or republish the content from the group account.

GroupTweet has a free unlimited trial plan for 14 days to check out its services and features. The other pricing plans for advanced features are – USD 7.99, USD 14.99, USD 24.99, and USD 39.99 per month.

8. Twitonomy

image of twitonomy

Twitonomy is one of the simplest Twitter marketing tools; efficient for capturing the different analytical data and statistics. The analytical features of the tool provide charts and visual data that can be referred to for curating the promotional and marketing strategies and techniques. The tool is available as a desktop version as well as accessible through mobile devices.

Through the tool, you can monitor the keywords, hashtags, tweets, retweets, and mentions easily. You can even check details and gather insights about your followers. The tool even helps to check the growth of followers. Another interesting advantage is that it helps to download other users’ tweets and retweets. The data can be saved in an excel or pdf with just one click.

There is a free version available for the tool, providing basic features. For advanced features, premium pricing plans are available starting at USD 20 per month.

9. Followerwonk

image of followerwonk

Followerwonk is one of the phenomenal Twitter marketing tools with powerful search features. You can conveniently search users and their profiles for building connections. It provides flexibility to compare various Twitter accounts and check the common influencers. This eventually will help you to increase followers, target users, and connect with influencers.

You can study the demographics of your followers as per the engagement on the content and posts. Also, you can check the level of interaction including real-time engagement, and categorizing of followers with good response or interaction. It helps to find out dormant, and active users on Twitter. By studying and analyzing the interaction level on your content, you can guess the interests of the audience and accordingly generate the content.

There is a free subscription plan providing the basic features. For availing of advanced features, there are 2 pricing plans – Target for USD 29 per month and Multitask for USD 79 per month.

10. Twilert

image of twilert

Twilert is also one of the prominent Twitter marketing tools with numerous features. It helps to search tweets efficiently, narrowing them down to the results you want to see. If you want to search tweets for a particular location or language, you can do so. You can monitor users and their tweets. The tools provide notifications and alerts to find out the important tweets for either retweet or delete. You can selectively pick up tweets and schedule them up to be sent to you as an email digest through the tool.

You can set up multiple users in the tool and form a group for ease of monitoring. Users who tag you on Twitter can be easily traced via Twilert. The email alerts can be set on the basis of keywords, names, hashtags, and other prominent information. Thus it is easy to track any new trends or improvisations in business or technology. You can find out brand influencers and advocates, tagging you in the tweets.

Twilert has 3 pricing plans for its users – Solopreneur priced at USD 9 per month, Professional priced at USD 19 per month, and Agency priced at USD 97 per month.

11. BlueNod

image of bluenod

BlueNod is one of the Twitter marketing tools which focuses on identifying the KOL or the Key Opinion Leader. The main objective is to identify and target communities related to a particular topic. The lists for connections or influencers are based on the members who are part of those communities.

The tool serves to connect you with relevant communities and groups for the betterment of your company or business. You can even connect with influencers, brand promoters, and users from similar professions. Tracking communities and influencers are faster with the help of the tool. It collects all the details of the KOLs by tracking their interactions and activities on Twitter.

BlueNod has a free trial version. It has 4 pricing plans available for purchase – Starter for a price of USD 99 per month, Pro for USD 149 per month, Agency for USD 249 per month, and Enterprise for a price of USD 599 per month.

12. Commun.it

Commun.it is one of the best Twitter marketing tools for small business owners. It helps to schedule the posts on Twitter when you can receive maximum engagement. Once your content is active and present on Twitter, the analytics feature of the tool helps to find out the reach of the content. It aids in finding out the engagement rate and the demographic details of the people engaging with your content.

The reports provided by the tool are shareable, robust, and can be easily downloaded. This helps in identifying the maximum engagement time, location, and other details. You can track your followers and build a strong relationship with them. You can search and share top curated content and tweets with your followers. You can review all conversations in one Inbox and track whenever someone mentions you.

The tool can be used free of cost with certain basic features. For the advanced features, there are 3 pricing plans available – Pro which is priced at USD 19.99 per month, Business which is priced at USD 24.99 per month and Corporate which is priced at USD 117.99 per month.

13. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is the add-on feature provided and embedded within Twitter. All Twitter users can easily access it. You need to just log in to your Twitter account for accessing the analytics functionalities. Click on your profile photo and then check the drop-down menu for the tool. It is free without any pricing plans and hence can be easily used by everyone.

It has dashboards showing the various statistical information about your engagement, content, and followers. You can measure the engagement details on your content and curate your content accordingly. Besides, it helps to explore and analyze the demographics, interests, and locations of the followers.

And on the Final Thoughts…

Twitter is considered to be a powerful social media platform. So to utilize it to a maximum extent for the benefit of your company or business, you must check the prominent and most popular Twitter marketing tools. The tools will bring in the intelligence to track the followers and their engagement insights. Eventually, you can design your content accordingly and attract more and more followers, who may turn out to be your potential customers.


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