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LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world with 744+ members. People use it to post updates, seek new jobs, network with prospective clients, and professional networking. LinkedIn launched LinkedIn pages in 2018. More than 30 million businesses use the social network for business. Businesses use LinkedIn not just as a recruitment resource but use it for marketing, networking, connect, and sell. LinkedIn company pages allow organizations to get noticed. This guide will help you create your LinkedIn Company Pages.

What to post on a LinkedIn Company Pages

Linked Company Page is a great way to expand your brand trust and awareness. Different posts have different objectives. If you want your post to improve brand awareness, link the post to your company website or share blogs for product launches.

Share company updates and news

Share company updates and news

You can share discuss articles and LinkedIn, like other social media platforms. allows you to share and discuss articles and updates. You can use your LinkedIn Company Page to post company updates, news from your stakeholders like customers, employees, and investors to review and share.

Post open jobs and connect with potential employees

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. It is a perfect platform for career-related updates, connections, and interactions. Use LinkedIn to share job openings. LinkedIn has dedicated Career Pages – a space separate from your company page, where you can post about job vacancies and employer branding.

Build a community

image of two guys talking, Build a community

Social media pages aim to build a sense of community. Use your page to build your brand’s community. Keep your audiences informed about business, product updates, and vacancies. Post unique content, interact with your audience and build up connections with them.

Grow and keep your brand’s image consistent on social media

If you have multiple social network accounts, you can use your LinkedIn account to improve viewership. You can share to and from LinkedIn pages to boost recall and organically increase the number of followers. Some people are active only on LinkedIn, creating a page will help you to connect with new employees and potential customers.

Improve your discoverability on search engine

You can use your LinkedIn Page to rank higher during your organic searches. A LinkedIn company page will improve your odds of being discovered by those searching for your company or products or services.

Use LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great tool where like-minded individuals interact on the topic of interest, industry, or companies. Linked Group is a collaborative tool that can be created and engaged with other LinkedIn members.

How to create your company page on LinkedIn

Creating a LinkedIn Company Page is a simple process. It can be broken down into the following steps:-

1. Create a new LinkedIn page

There are two options available
Open the LinkedIn website. Head over to the LinkedIn Marketing Page. Select Create LinkedIn Page option from the LinkedIn Page option in the menu bar.

Go to the LinkedIn page and log into your account. Click on the “Work” icon in the top-right corner of the screen, and select the option “Create a Company Page.” Check the verification box confirming you have the authority to create and take ownership of the page.

2. Choose your company size and type

You can choose the type of business you want to create a page for. Select the correct size of your business– small business or medium to large business.

3. Fill out company details

Fill out relevant business details. The form is not very extensive. We recommend you fill out
Name –

  • Fill out the complete name of your company to improve discoverability.
  • LinkedIn public URL –After you fill out the Name, the website will suggest an URL to match. If your company name is unavailable, choose a URL that is similar but identifiable. You can use the shortened version of your brand name.
  • Website: Enter your company’s website. Your company website will connect your LinkedIn followers.
  • Industry: Choose the appropriate industry from the drop-down menu. This will help LinkedIn categorize your company page.
  • Logo: You must upload a high quality that matches the logo on other social media account.
  • Tagline: Briefly describe what your company does. Be consistent and have the same tagline in all your social media accounts.

4. Complete your LinkedIn Page

The final steps should show you as the Admin View of your LinkedIn Company Page. This will allow you to modify your pages. When you begin the page, LinkedIn provides a helpful checklist of actions you need to complete. These tasks will unlock additional functionality for your page. The important tasks you need to complete are:-

  • Description: Add an About-us section that describes your company. The About-use section is longer than the tagline. You can use this section to add relevant keywords to help your page be found on search engines. Linked In gives the flexibility to create taglines and descriptions in different languages.
  • Location: Add at least one location to your company or add multiple locations after naming the locations. Ideally include the address of your headquarters.
  • Cover Photo: Add a cover photo that will engage and encourage visitors to visit your page. You have the option of adding your logo or graphics from your marketing campaign. This photo must be 1128 x191 px.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags are relatively uncommon in LinkedIn. It is a useful tool to connect with your followers. You can use up to 3 hashtags that are relevant to your company, industry, and audience. The hashtags are related to your company, industry, and audience.

Other details you can add to your LinkedIn Company Page are company phone number, the year of incorporation, and any LinkedIn Group.

Getting the best out of your LinkedIn Page

1. Update your profile and banner

Your profile image is the first thing people will see when they visit your company page. Company pages with profile pictures get six times more visitors. Select a simple profile picture like the logo of your company. Remember to resize the image to comply with LinkedIn’s requirements (300 x300 pixel, PNG format).

The Banner picture gives you room for creativity. Have a distinctive banner or cover photo. You can add CTA into your banner image to engage with your audience.

2. Write a compelling About Us section

Ideally, the About Us section should be well optimized, telling visitors about your company. Use relevant keywords to include your company goals. The contents of this section should answer questions like:-

  • Who are you?
  • Where are located?
  • What service/products do you provide?
  • Where is your brand voice?
  • What are your company values?
  • What are your contact details?

You can keep things interesting and professional. The content should be tailor-made for business audiences.

3. Fill out key fields

According to research conducted by HootSuite, completed LinkedIn Company Pages receive twice as many visitors than incomplete pages. To optimize your company page, include the following information –

  • Include your business website on your company’s page.
  • Make sure to include the latest contact details
  • Let people know how many employees your business details.

4. Create Showcase Pages

Company Pages will give the visitor a snapshot of your business and its core values. The Showcase Pages will give visitors an insight into your daily activities. These pages are tailormade news feeds on specific areas of your organization. Visitors may come here for more information on product and brand range, ongoing philanthropic efforts and sponsorships, and information on expos and conferences.

The Showcase Pages need to be updated regularly to be effective. You can add videos, presentations, articles, and other content that your followers will find useful.

Showcase Pages is the ideal forum to share Sponsored content and get more targeted advertising. You can target your posts by location and two other fields (industry, job, seniority, groups, schools, etc).

5. Create Career Page

LinkedIn can bolster your recruitment efforts by showing your company culture. In the “Life” tab in the career section, you can display images, videos, and articles about work-life in your organization.

Consider adding an “Employee Perspective” section to publish leadership articles written by your staff. Career growth is one of the parameters used to evaluate a company. By showing content produced in-house, you are showing you provide opportunity and recognize talent. The career page has several useful features on the Career Page you can use.

6. Collect and give endorsements

LinkedIn allows for peer-to-peer recommendations. Recommendations form a powerful form of social proof. Don’t be shy about asking for recommendations. You can ask your employees, associates, and customers for endorsements.

7. Keep tabs on the competition

LinkedIn publishes an annual list of the top company pages. Visit the pages and study the profiles.  You can visit the pages of the top competition in your field to improve your pages.


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